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The making of a mill.

Tyson Foods Inc. Set To Begin Construction Of New Feed Mill Near Clarksville

How much is 120 tons? A total of 30 average-sized Indian bull elephants, stacked one on top of another, would weight 120 tons.

That's also how much chicken feed the new Tyson Foods Inc. mill will produce an hour when the facility opens next year.

Construction work on the new mill is scheduled to begin the first week of October and last 12 to 14 months.

The plant, located five miles south of Clarksville in Spadra, will replace an already existing mill now operating in Paris, some 35 miles away.

The Paris mill produces about 6,000 tons of swine and chicken feed for Tyson's Clarksville Poultry Complex and the Central Arkansas Swine Division. It employs 34 workers. Most of these are expected to transfer to the Spadra facility.

The new mill will be able to store 7,840 tons of whole grain and 2,662 tons of meal and other ingredients. Another 3,364 tons of finished feed can be stored at the facility.

The new location also will allow Tyson to handle an additional 75 rail cars on its adjacent siding, thereby improving the delivery of corn and soybean meal and other bulk ingredients of the feed.

"The primary reason for doing this is transportation," says Archie Schaffer III, director of media, public and governmental affairs for Tyson.

He cites a recent strike by the Machinists union that closed the nation's freight railroads for two days. The new mill will be located on the main line of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Railing On Railroads

"While the Paris mill has served us well, rail service to it has become increasingly undependable, and store there is limited," says Buddy Wray, Tyson's chief operating officer. "The recent rail stike demonstrated the importance of good rail service and adequate storage capacity.

"This move to Spadra will improve both."

The new mill, expected to cost more than $2 million to construct, will be one of nine mills Tyson operates in Arkansas.

The poultry producer has a total of 23 mills in operation across the country.

The status of the Paris mill remains undecided.

Marty Perry, Tyson's director of milling, doesn't expect to close the facility immediately upon completion of the Spadra operation.

"|The Paris mill~ will be shut down gradually as the new one starts up," Perry says.
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Date:Sep 14, 1992
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