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The main event ... a Christmas feast, mostly from the oven.

Just how easy can Christmas dinner be? Let this splendid meal be your measure. The main course is a handsome, succulent beef roast surrounded by a colorful, aromatic array of vegetables. As they roast together in the same oven, mingling meat and vegetable juices collect; these juices, enhanced by the dazzle of flaming brandy, become a memorable and exquisitely simple sauce.

What do you do while dinner cooks? Devote yourself to enjoying the day. CHRISTMAS DINNER Greens with Vinaigrette Peppered Beef Rib Roast with Roasted Vegetables and Brandied Juices Prepared Horseradish Hot Buttered Rolls Chocolate-Chestnut Star Cake Cabernet Sauvignon Black Muscat Dessert Wine

Recipes for preparing the peppered beef, vegetables, and juices, and the chocolate-chestnut cake (deceptively sophisticated, as it can begin with a mix) are on page 152.

While the roast rests for carving, sit down to a salad of crisp mixed greens.

To go with the main course, dust off a mature, smooth Cabernet Sauvignon that you've been hoarding for a special occasion.

A fruity dessert wine made of black or other muscat grapes is a splendid complement to the cake.
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Title Annotation:A Houseful of Happy Holiday Ideas
Author:Anusasananan, Linda Lau; Bateson, Betsy Reynolds
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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