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The magic world of books..!

MANY years ago a close friend pointed out the doors of a cinema hall to me and said, 'When you enter those doors Bob, lose yourself to a world of fantasy!' I would say the same when you open the covers of a book, 'Lose yourself to the authors imagination!'

Let him or her, take you from the first sentence, to Timbuctoo, Mars or the moon. Just fasten your seat belt and don't fall off! Many do. Yes, many fall off a book, because they entered it's covers with wrong intentions: Some, with the idea of studying the authors style, his command over language.

Some bought the book, to improve their own vocabulary, some to be able to write like the author. And sooner or later, they fall off, the book is kept aside, never to be opened again.

Read, dear friend to lose yourself in it. Words, those twenty- six letters of the alphabet are meant to leap out of that page or para, and ignite your mind. Those mild looking words are meant to explode, then transport you into an area of no return.

All else is forgotten. The present is, so is the past, nothing matters except printed page, picking you up, caressing you, seducing you, moving you, sometimes gently, oftimes violently jerking you into what you begin to feel is a real world.

And real world it is. For those two hundred or thousand pages, the world you tread with pleasure or walk with fright, the world, where love blossoms, where lovers reach out to each other or villains mutilate one another, a world, where the curtains of time are gently pushed back and you step into whatever age, the author chooses, is your real world.

Those pages draw you in, and once in, the covers shut, ever so gently, not locking you in, but shutting the world out! Try books, dear friend, choose a spot where passerby will not disturb, and let that spot be, where you nestle in the palm of the story tellers mind, and off you go. How often, in the middle of a grueling day, when tiredness fills me with exhaustion, I think of that book, lying at home, patiently waiting for me, but like a lover who knows it's possessed my soul, it lies unperturbed by my absence knowing I will return, pick my temptress and carry it to cherished spot, where together we will embrace, enclose, and envelop each other, passionately making up for time spent in a disturbed, dreary, desolate world.

And for those who read to learn style and technique, stop doing so, style and technique will come automatically as content becomes the centre of your reading. Enter, my friend into those beckoning magic covers and your life will never be the same again..!

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Feb 24, 2018
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