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The lost boo.

It was Halloween day, and Eric was in trouble. He woke up to discover he had lost his boo. Eric looked everywhere, but his boo was nowhere to be found. With only a few hours until nightfall, he headed outside to find it.

As Eric searched, he came upon a cow grazing in the meadow. "Have you seen my boo?" he asked politely.

The cow looked up and said, "I am a cow with a moo. I have not seen your boo."

Eric hurried on his way. Next, he met a rooster sitting on a fence. "Have you seen my boo?" he asked.

The rooster looked at Eric and said, "I am a rooster with a cock-a-doodle-doo. I have not seen your boo."

Eric wandered into the woods, where he met an owl. Excuse me, Mr. Owl," said Eric. "Have you seen my boo?"

The owl looked down from his tree and said, "I am an owl with a whooo. I have not seen your boo." But the wise owl added, "Go see Sadie the witch doctor. She is a bit daffy, but she can help you."

Eric flew through the woods and knocked on Sadie's door.

She opened it and said, "Eric--you are as white as a ghost!"

"I am a ghost," he frowned.

"Of course, you are," she chuckled. "What can I do for you?"

"I lost my boo," said Eric. "Can you help me find it? It is almost Halloween."

"Oh, my, that is a problem," said Sadie. "Let me have a look."

Sadie looked up and down at Eric.

"What are you doing?" he asked impatiently. "Should I open wide or take a deep breath or something?"

Sadie laughed. "No need," she said. "I can see right through you. And it looks like you have a bad case of boo-ryngitis."

"Boo-ryngitis?" said Eric.

"Too much booing, I suspect. But I have just the thing," said Sadie. She walked over to her cupboard and took out some bent carrots, a twisted celery stick, a handful of parsley, a smelly onion, and a crock of chicken broth. She tossed everything into a giant pot and put the pot on the fire.

As her brew began to bubble, Sadie stirred the pot and said:

Wag-a-doo, wag-a-doo, boiling pot, mix my brew. Wag-a-doo, wag-a-doo, bring back Eric's boo.

The room became very steamy.

Sadie handed Eric a hot cup of brew. "Drink this," she said.

Eric took a sip. It felt warm and soothing to his throat. "This is really good!" he said.

Sadie watched as Eric finished the cup. She could see it travel all the way down.

"Try your boo," she said.

Eric took a deep breath and bellowed, "BOO!" It was so loud that Sadie's house trembled.

"Maybe I overdid it," sighed Sadie.

"Yahoo--I found my boo!" shouted Eric.

"Sadie, your brew worked like magic!"

"Chicken soup always does," said Sadie.

Eric looked out the window. The sun had set.

"Thanks, Sadie! You are the best!" said Eric. And off he flew under the bright autumn moon.
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Author:Milo, Moryt
Publication:Children's Playmate
Article Type:Short Story
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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