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The local names of the plants in Kepsut and Savastepe (Balikesir, Turkey).


Local plant names vary in Anatolia in every settlement. Ethnobotanical studies help to record local names of the used plants that may otherwise be lost to future generations. This study is the part of an ethnobotanical study which was conducted between 2012 and 2015 in order to determine wild plants used in Kepsut and Savastepe (Balikesir, Turkey). Kepsut and Savastepe are the towns of Balikesir province in the Marmara region of Turkey. As a result of the identification, the 509 local names of the 265 taxa, which are 12 of them are endemic, belonging to 72 families were recorded. According to the literature, among 509 local names, 338 local names were recorded for the first time in Balikesir.

Keywords: Ethnobotany, local name, Savastepe, Kepsut, Balikesir, Turkey


Ethnobotanical researches give information about relationships between public and plants which have important role in humans daily life. There is a rich ethnobotanical research collection in Turkey. Every ethnobotanical study in Turkey contains valuable information that records the cultural heritage, natural richness, traditions and customs of a different area, the life of the people. The value of the work done in the ethnobotanical field has increased more with the migration of rural populations to cities. The local people who have moved away from nature have also begun to forget the use of plants in everyday life. Therefore, listening to the valuable information of the elderly knowledgeable people living in the villages and recording the all information about used plants is also important in terms of protecting the very important values of our country. The local names of the plants are the part of our cultural heritage. The local names of the plants may differ in every settlements according to the various factors such as different uses of the same plants in every settlements and the traditions of the people living in settlements, the language used in the area and the geographic features of the area. This ethnobotanical study was planned to be carried out in villages of Savastepe and Kepsut districts of Balikesir (Ozdemir Nath 2016). Kepsut and Savastepe are the towns of Balikesir province in the Marmara region of Turkey (Figure 1). Kepsut is in the eastern part of Balikesir. It has an area of 894 [km.sup.2]. The population is 24.180. Kepsut has 63 villages. As an individual Turkish ethnic group the Yoruks are distinguished by their language, customs and folkloric particularities and considering the contemporary way of life, their rather closed social community. Due to the different accent in local languages, the names of plants were different in yoruks villages. Karakecili Yoruk communities live in 17 villages, Yagcibedir Yoruk communities live in 9 villages. Savastepe district has an area of 430 [km.sup.2]. Its plant diversity is very rich because of its location where meeting point of 2 phytogeographic regions (Mediterranean, Euro-Siberian). The population is 20.201. Savastepe has 44 villages. Karakecili Yoruk communities live in 20 villages, Hardal yoruk communities live in 6 villages, Kubas yoruk communities live in 10 villages, Kilaz yoruk communities live in 2 villages, Yuncu yoruk communities live in 1 village.


This study was conducted between 2012 and 2015. The research area is a part of Balikesir. During the field work, 107 villages (44 villages in Savastepe and 63 villages in Kepsut) were visited in 59 days from May 2012 to October 2015 and 510 people were interviewed. After explaining the purpose of our study, questions were asked about local names of the plants and their usages. The plant samples were collected by the help of the local people (Figure 2, 3) and photographs of the plants were taken with Canon Powershot SX60. The collected specimens were identified by using "Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands" (Davis, 1965-1985; Davis et al. 1988; Guner et al. 2000) and were compared with the specimens deposited at ISTE (Herbarium of Istanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy). Plant names reviewed according to the literature (Guner et al. 2012, The collected plant materials were deposited as herbarium samples at ISTE. Some plant species deposited as a personel collection with the code of E.O.


This study allowed us to collect information about the local names of used plants in Savastepe and Kepsut (Balikesir, Turkey) for the first time. As a result of the identification, the 509 local names of the 265 taxa (12 of them are endemic) belonging to 72 families were recorded (Table 1). According to the literature, among 509 local names, 338 local names were recorded for the first time in Balikesir (Baytop 2007, Tuzlaci 2011). Edremit, Gonen, Bandirma are the towns of Balikesir province in the Marmara region of Turkey and close to our study area. However, the local names of some plants used in these areas are different. The local names used in Savastepe and Kepsut for Dracunculus vulgare are El kabartan, Gavurotu, Kabarcik, Yilancik, Yilan bicagi, Yilan burcagi, Yilan kamasi, Yilan kavcigi, Yilan purcegi, Yilan yastigi, on the other hand the local names of the same plant are Yilan bircagi, Kopeksiyen in Edremit gulf (Polat and Satil 2012). The local names used in Savastepe and Kepsut for Asphodelus aestivus are At otu, Kirislik, Yabani pirasa however the local name of the same plant is Hidirellez kamcisi in Gonen (Tuzlaci and Aymaz Eryasar 2001). The local names used in Savastepe and Kepsut for Sambucus ebulus are Kokar otu, Yilan otu on the other hand the local name of the same plant is Sultan otu in Bandirma (Onar 2006). The local name of Sultan otu is used for Verbena officinalis in Savastepe. The local name of Altin otu is used for Polypodium vulgare in Edremit but the same name is used for Ceterach officinarum in Kepsut and Savastepe. The local names may change in every settlements. Local plant names do not give us sufficient and safe information about the collection of plants from the nature and consumption for medical or food purposes. If the local people collect and use the medicinal plants or edible plants from the nature only according to the local name, they may use the wrong plants and instead of curing the disease, undesirable results may occur.


This research is the part of the PhD thesis "An Ethnobotanical Study in Savastepe and Kepsut Region (Balikesir)" that was supported by Istanbul University, Scientific Research Project Unit. Project No: 41370


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* Onar S (2006). Bandirma (A1 (A) Balikesir) ve cevresinin etnobotanigi, Yuksek Lisans Tezi, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences, Canakkale, (Supervisor: Yrd. Doc. Dr. Ismet Uysal).

* Ozdemir Nath E (2016). An ethnobotanical study in Savastepe and Kepsut region (Balikesir), Istanbul University, Institute of Health Science, Department of Pharmaceutical Botany, PhD. Thesis. Istanbul (Supervisor: Doc. Dr. Sukran Kultur).

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Ebru Ozdemir Nath (1),*, Sukran Kultur (2)

(1) Department of Pharmaceutical Botany, Faculty of Pharmacy, Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University, 34010 Istanbul, Turkey

(2) Department of Pharmaceutical Botany, Faculty of Pharmacy, Istanbul University, 34116 Istanbul, Turkey

Cite this article as: Ozdemir Nath E, Kultur S (2017). The local names of the plants in Kepsut and Savastepe (Balikesir, Turkey). Istanbul J Pharm 47 (1): 13-24

Address for Correspondence: Ebru Ozdemir Nath, e-mail:

Received: 09.03.2017

Accepted: 05.04.2017
Table 1. List of plants investigated with their local names. The local
names which are different from the literature are indicated as
underlined and the local names of the plants which are not found in the
literature are indicated with bold color.

Aspleniaceae                          Local Name

Ceterach officinarum Willd.           Altinbas otu, Altin otu, Altin
                                      yaldiz otu,
(ISTE 109566)                         Kisa mahmut, Kisa mamza,
                                      Mahmutcuk otu
Equisetum arvense L.                  Eklemeli ot, Eklice otu,
(ISTE 109971, E.O.1)                  Kirkkilit, Kilitotu, Mide otu
Equisetum ramosissimum Desf.          Eklemeli otu, Mide otu
(ISTE 109972)
Pteridium aquilinum (L.)              Egrelti
Kuhn (ISTE 109726)
Cupressus sempervirens                Selvi, Servi
L. (E.O.2)
Juniperus oxycedrus                   Ardic
L. (ISTE 109615)
Pinus brutia Ten.                     Cam
(ISTE 109873)
Sambucus ebulus L.                    Kokar otu, Yilan otu
(ISTE 109531)
Sambucus nigra L.                     Murver
(ISTE 109530)
Viburnum opulus L.                    Kartopu
(ISTE 109529)
Amaranthus retroflexus L.             Sirken
(ISTE 109534, 109533)
Beta vulgaris L.                      Pancar
Chenopodium murale L.                 Deli Kazayagi, Eksiguney, Girya
(ISTE 109535)                         tosbasi, Kazayagi, Tavuk otu,
Amaryllidaceae                        Sirken
Allium paniculatum L.                 Yogurtcuk otu
(ISTE 109756, 109758)
Pistacia terebinthus L.               Certlemik, Cetek, Cetlemik,
(ISTE 10536, 109537)                  Cetmik, Citlembik, Menengic,
Rhus coriaria L.                      Somak, Somak otu, Sumak
(ISTE 109538, 109540, 109539)
Anethum graveolens L.                 Arapsaci, Carsir, Kirca, Tere
(ISTE 109551)
Anthriscus nemorosa                   Kazayagi
(M.Bieb.) Spreng. (ISTE 109543)
Apium nodiflorum (L.) Lag.            Gereviz, Kereviz
(ISTE 109544)
Conium maculatum L.                   Baldiran
(ISTE 109547, 109548)
Ferulago aucheri Boiss.               Cagsir otu, Carsir otu
(ISTE 109546) Endemic
Ferulago macrosciadia                 Mide otu
Boiss. & Balansa
(ISTE 109541) Endemic
Foeniculum vulgare Mill.              Arap saci, Rezene
Heptaptera triquetra                  Oksuruk otu
(Vent.) Tutin (ISTE 109549)
Hippomarathrum cristatum              Tarhana otu
(DC.) Boiss.(ISTE 109553)
Laser trilobum (L.)                   Yabani kimyon
Borkh. (ISTE 109552)
Oenanthe pimpinelloides L.            Kazayagi
(E.O.7, ISTE 109542)
Petroselinum crispum (Mill.)          Maydanoz
Fuss (E.O.8)
Smyrnium rotundifolium Mill.          Maydanoz
(ISTE 109545)
Arum elongatum Steven                 El kabartan, Gavurotu, Kabarcik,
                                      Kabaragi, Yilancik, Yilan bicagi,
                                      Yilan burcagi, Yilan dili, Yilan
                                      kamasi, Yilan kavcigi, Yilan
                                      purcegi, Yilan yastigi
Dracunculus vulgaris Schott           El kabartan, Gavurotu, Kabarcik,
(ISTE 109558)                         Yilancik, Yilan bicagi, Yilan
                                      Yilan kamasi, Yilan kavcigi,
Aristolochiaceae                      Yilan purcegi, Yilan yastigi
Aristolochia sempervirens L.          Mayasil otu
(ISTE 109561)
Polygonatum orientale Desf.           Afrodizyak otu, Suleyman otu,
(ISTE 109565)                         Tahir otu
Ruscus aculeatus L.                   Degirmen boncugu, Deve cokuren,
                                      Deve tomurcugu, Kalp otu, Kopek
(ISTE 109562)                         uzumu, Mercan, Sidikkesen otu,
                                      Tavsan bubusu, Tavsan memesi,
                                      otu, Tavsan topu, Tavsan uzumu,
                                      Tilki uzumu, Yandak
Alnus glutinosa (L.)                  Karaagac, Kizilcinar
Gaertn. (E.O.20)
Carpinus betulus L.                   Gurgen, Karaagac
(ISTE 109574)
Alkanna tubulosa Boiss.               Kokboya
(ISTE 109578)
Anchusa undulata L. subsp. hybrida    Bal otu, Emme otu, Sutluce
(Ten.) Cout. (ISTE 109583)
Echium italicaum L.                   Bal otu
(ISTE 109579)
Echium plantagineum L.                Engerek otu, Tuylu ot
(ISTE 109580)
Onosma armenum DC.                    Sari cicek
(ISTE 109575) Endemic
Onosma aucherana DC.                  Emme otu
(ISTE 109577)
Symphytum orientale L.                Yara otu
(ISTE 109581)
Alyssum murale Waldst. & Kit.         Sunnetlice
(ISTE 109605)
Brassica oleracea L.                  Karnabahar, Kelem, Lahana
Brassica nigra (L.)                   Hardala
K.Koch (ISTE 109608)
Brassica rapa L.                      Salgam otu
(ISTE 109601)
Calepina irregularis (Asso)           Develik
Thell. (ISTE 109610)
Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.)          Coban cantasi
Medik. (ISTE 109606)
Lepidium spinosum Ard. (E.O.24)       Musurat
Nasturtium officinale R.Br.           Deli kereviz, Gerdeme, Gereviz,
(ISTE 109602, 109603)                 Su kazayagi
Raphanus sativus L. (E.O.25)          Kara turp
Raphanus raphanistrum L.              Esek turbu, Hardala, Turp otu
(ISTE 109611)
Rapistrum rugosum (L.)                Hardala, Hardal otu
All. (ISTE 109600)
Thlaspi perfoliatum L.                Kuskusotu
(ISTE 109607)
Opuntia ficus-indica (L.)             Esek dikeni, Kaynana dili
Mill. (E.O.22.)
Campanula lyrata Lam.                 Canotu
(ISTE 109584) Endemic
Silene gallica L.                     Pembe cicek
(ISTE 109585)
Cistus creticus L.                    Pamuklar
(ISTE 109588)
Cistus laurifolius L.                 Murt, Murtotu, Tavsanak,
(ISTE 109625, 109587)                 Tavsanaki, Tavsan piynari
Cistus salviifolius L.                Pamuklar, Pamuk otu
(ISTE 109626, 109591, 109592)
Helianthemum nummularium (L.)         Cay otu
Mill. (ISTE 109590) Endemic
Colchicum bivonae Guss.               Cigdem
(ISTE 109764)
Achillea arabica Kotschy              Ayvadana, Kurtotu, Populca
(ISTE 109618)
Achillea nobilis L. subsp.            Ayvadana, Kurtotu
(ISTE 109654, 109624,
109655, 109656)
Achillea setacea Waldst. & Kit.       Kurtotu, Ulser otu
(ISTE 109623)
Aetheorhiza bulbosa (L.)              Mayasil otu
Cass. (ISTE 109632)
Anthemis cotula L.                    Bopatca
(ISTE 109647, 109645, 109646)
Anthemis cretica L. subsp.            Papatya
absinthifolia (Boiss.)
Grierson (E.O.11)
Anthemis pseudocotula Boiss.          Bopatca
(ISTE 109666, 109648)
Anthemis wiedemanniana                Papatya
Fisch. & C.A.Mey.
(ISTE 109665)
Artemisia annua L.                    Kabe supurgeligi, Pelinotu
(ISTE 109622)
Calendula officinalis                 Aynisefa otu, Portakal nergisi
L. (E.O.12)
Cardopatium corymbosum (L.)           Coban cirasi, Diken
Pers. (ISTE 109642)
Carduus nutans L.                     Deve dikeni
(ISTE 109620)
Carduus pycnocephalus                 Cakir dikeni
L. subsp. albidus (M.Bieb.)
Kazmi (ISTE 109628)
Carthamus lanatus L.                  Dikenli afin, Dikenli afyon
(ISTE 109640)
Centaurea iberica Trevir.             Cakir dikeni
ex Spreng. (ISTE 109649)
Centaurea solstitialis L.             Cakir dikeni, Oyun dikeni
(E.O.13, ISTE 109650)
Chondrilla juncea L.                  Sakizlik
(E.O.14, ISTE 109638)
Chrysanthemum segetum L.              Karanfil
(ISTE 109643)
Cnicus benedictus L.                  Aci durlek, Diken, Diken otu,
(ISTE 109616)                         Mayasil otu, Sanci dikeni, Sanci
                                      Sevketi bostan, Yer dikeni
Cota tinctoria (L.)                   Akilli papatya, Bopatca, Gomec
J.Gay (ISTE 109661, 109664)
Helianthus annuus L. (E.O.15)         Gunebakan
Hieracium marmoricola P.D.Sell &      Mercangumus
C.West (ISTE 109653, 109652)
Lactuca serriola L. (E.O.16)          Helvacik
Leontodon tuberosus L.                Hindibag, Karahindibag
(ISTE 109636, 109637, 109635)
Matricaria chamomilla L.              Bopatca, Bubatce, Papatca,
(ISTE 109644)                         Papatya, Keloglan cicegi
Pallenis spinosa (L.) Cass.           Altinyildiz otu
(ISTE 109651)
Silybum marianum (L.)                 Citirgan, Deve dikeni, Kenger,
Gaertn. (ISTE 109639)                 Sarikiz
Sonchus asper (L.)                    Diken otu, Esek dikeni, Esek
Hill subsp.                           helvasi, Helvacik, Helvacik otu,
glaucescens (Jord.)                   Radika
Ball ex Ball
(ISTE 109634, 109627)
Taraxacum gracilens Dahlst.           Karahindibag
(ISTE 109619)
Taraxacum hybernum Steven             Karahindibag, Radika, Ufleme otu
(ISTE 109641)
Tripleurospermum                      Uzun papatya
conoclinium Boiss. & Balansa)
Hayek (ISTE 109659, E.O.17) Endemic
Urospermum picroides (L.)             Helvacik
Scop. ex F.W.Schmidt (ISTE 109629)
Xanthium strumarium L. (E.O.18)       Buyuk pitrak, Domuz pitragi
Xeranthemum cylindraceum Sm.          Duman otu
Convolvulus arvensis L.               Filiz, Sarmasik
(ISTE 109670, 109669)
Convolvulus cantabrica L.             Pembe sarmasik
(ISTE 109667)
Convolvulus scammonia                 Sarmasik
L. (ISTE 109668)
Cornus mas L. (ISTE 109595, 109594)   Kizilcik, Kuren
Sedum album L. (ISTE 109599)          Isilik otu
Sedum pallidum M.Bieb.                Isilik otu, Tas korugu
(ISTE 109598, 109597)
Umbilicus rupestris                   Kaplik otu
(Salisb.) Dandy (ISTE 109596)
Ecballium elaterium (L.)              Aci bostan, Aci dulek, Aci
A.Rich. (ISTE 109613, 109612)         durlek, Aci kavun, Aci kelek,
                                      Deli kelek,
                                      Deve dasagi, Kabaragi, Mayasil
                                      otu, Seytan kelegi, Yer dikeni
Lagenaria siceraria                   Su kabagi
(Molina) Standl.
Momordica charantia                   Akcakiz, Kah kah kabagi, Kudret
L. (E.O.29)                           Nari, Sevketibostan
Cyperus rotundus L.                   Topalak otu
(ISTE 109671)
Scirpoides holoschoenus (L.)          Kovalik otu
Sojak (ISTE 109672)
Dioscorea communis (L.)               Aci filiz, Aci ot, Adem otu,
                                      Akilli sarmasik, Citirga filizi,
                                      Domuz helvasi,
Caddick & Wilkin                      Filiz, Kopek uzumu, Mayasil otu,
                                      Sarmasik, Yaki otu, Yel otu
(ISTE 109676, 109673, 109674)
Elaeagnus angustifolia L. (E.O.31)    Igde
Arbutus andrachne L. (ISTE 109679)    Agac cilegi, Ayi uzumu, Dag
                                      cilegi, Davulgu
Arbutus unedo L. (ISTE 109681)        Davulgu
Erica arborea L. (ISTE 109680)        Pien, Piren, Piyen
Euphorbia helioscopia L.              Sutligen
(ISTE 109682)
Euphorbia oblongata Griseb.           Sutlegen
(ISTE 109684)
Euphorbia rigida                      Sutlegen
M.Bieb.(ISTE 109683)
Quercus cerris L. (ISTE 109687)       Ak gobak, Cali kobagi, Gobak,
                                      Mese, Karakubak, Kara kombalak,
                                      Kobak, Kobar calisi, Kombalak,
                                      Kubak, Kubar
Quercus infectoria G.Olivier          Akgobak, Akmese, Akpiynar, Cali
(ISTE 109693, 109694, 109692)         kobagi, Gobak, Kasnak, Mese,
                                      Palamut, Sartal

Quercus ithaburensis Decne.           Mese, Kirmizi pelit
subsp. macrolepis (Kotschy)
Hedge & Yalt. (ISTE 109686)
Quercus petraea (Matt.)               Mese
Liebl. subsp. iberica
(Steven ex M.Bieb.)
Krassiln. (ISTE 109689)
Centaurium erythraea Rafn             Kirmizi kantaron
(ISTE 109695)
Erodium ciconium (L.) L'Her.          Ignelik
(ISTE 109701)
Erodium cicutarium (L.)               Kocakari ignesi
L'Her. (ISTE 109700)
Erodium leucanthum Boiss.             Ignelik
(ISTE 109699, 109697)
Erodium moschatum (L.)                Leylek kakmasi
L'Her. (ISTE 109702)
Geranium asphodeloides                Hidir otu, Mor cicek
Burm.f. (ISTE 109698)
Ribes rubrum L.                       Kanser otu
(ISTE 109709, ISTE 109708)
Hypericum atomarium Boiss.            Kantoron otu
(ISTE 109723)
Hypericum calycinum L.                Hayirsiz otu
(ISTE 109720, 109719)
Hypericum montbretii Spach            Kantaron, Kantarot
(ISTE 109718, 109721)
Hypericum perforatum L.               Boyalik otu, Cayotu, Kantarot,
(ISTE 109710, 109717, 109712)         Kantaron, Kantar otu, Katirci otu,
                                      Sari kantaron
Hypericum triquetrifolium Turra       Kantaron, Seytan evi
(ISTE 109713, 109716)
Juncus inflexus L.                    Kovalik otu
(ISTE 109727)
Ballota nigra L.                      Cay otu, Kanser otu
(ISTE 109820)
Clinopodium vulgare L.                Ballibaba
(ISTE 109854, 109853)
Lavandula stoechas L.                 Karabas otu, Kocabasotu, Lavanta
(ISTE 109852, 109826)
Marrubium vulgare L.                  Bertik otu, Esek otu, Konyali
(ISTE 109830, 109847,                 otu, Koyun otu, Mayasil otu
109848, 109849, 109850)
Melissa officinalis L.                Iliman, Limon otu, Ogulotu
(ISTE 109802)
Mentha longifolia (L.)                Dere nanesi, Kopek nanesi
L subsp. typhoides (Briq.)
Harley (ISTE 109834)
Mentha pulegium L.(E.O.36)            Nana, Nane
Micromeria myrtifolia (L.)            Ayakli kekik
Benth. ex Rchb. (ISTE 109809)
Ocimum basilicum L. (E.O.37)          Feslegen, Reyhan
Origanum vulgare                      Akkekik, Ayakli kekik, Dal
L. subsp. hirtum (Link)               kekigi, Dag kekigi, Ege kekigi,
                                      Gir kekigi, Guve otu,
Ietsw. (ISTE 109829, 109813)          Ince kekik, Kekik, Keklik, Mercan
                                      kosk, Nuzla, Orman kekigi, Uzun
Phlomis russeliana (Sims)             Sorkuc
Lag. ex Benth. (ISTE 109833)
Prunella laciniata (L.) L.            Horoz ibigi
(ISTE 109841, 109840)
Prunella vulgaris L.                  Sigil otu
(ISTE 109843)
Rosmarinus officinalis L.             Akil otu, Biberiye
(ISTE 109838, 109839)
Salvia aethiopis L.                   Yunlu adacayi
(ISTE 109808)
Salvia argentea L.                    Beyaz sabla
(ISTE 109824)
Salvia fruticosa Mill.                Adacayi, Bos, Bosotu, Bosapla,
(ISTE 109807)                         Musapla, Mosapla, Pusapla, Sapla,
Salvia napifolia Jacq.                Cay otu
(ISTE 109795)
Salvia tomentosa Mill.                Adacayi, Musapla
(ISTE 109804)
Salvia verbenaca L.                   Bobrek otu
(ISTE 109797)
Salvia virgata Jacq.                  Kanser otu
(ISTE 109799, 109794)
Salvia viridis L.                     Grip cayi
(ISTE 109801, 109800)
Scutellaria rubicunda Hornem.         Mantar otu
(ISTE 109791)
Sideritis montana L.                  Dag cayi
subsp. remota (d'Urv.)
P.W.Ball (ISTE 109823)
Stachys cretica L. subsp.             Beyaz sabla, Karabas otu
Rech. fil. (ISTE 109811)
Stachys obliqua Waldst.               Dag cayi
& Kit. (ISTE 109787)
Stachys thirkei K.Koch                Minare otu, Tavsanak otu
(ISTE 109788)
Teucrium chamaedrys L.                Bodur mahmut, Bodur otu, Kebir,
(ISTE 109831, 109786,                 Kisa mahmut
109784, 109785)
Teucrium polium L.                    Seker otu
(ISTE 109782,109781)
Thymbra spicata L.                    Bayir kekigi, Havai kekik,
(ISTE 109827, 109780,                 Karabas otu, Karakulef, Kaya
109779, 109777)                       kekigi, Kekik,
                                      Mercankosk, Seker otu
Thymus longicaulis C.Presl subsp.     Akbasli ot, Guve otu, Kekik,
chaubardii (Rchb.f.)                  Nuzla, Nuzlot, Yer kekigi
Jalas (ISTE 109832)
Thymus zygioides Griseb.              Bayir cayi, Kaya kekigi, Kekik,
(ISTE 109818, 109817)                 Kir kekigi, Nuzla otu, Seker otu,
                                      Tas kekigi, Togga
Vitex agnus-castus L.                 Hayit
(ISTE 109828, 109774, 109773)
Astragalus angustifolius Lam.         Diken otu, Dikenli ot, Top diken
(ISTE 109729)
Astragalus hamosus L.                 Pitrak
(ISTE 109754)
Bituminaria bituminosa (L.)           Yagli ot
C.H.Stirt. (ISTE 109736)
Cercis siliquastrum L.                Erguvan, Keci gevisi, Yabani
(ISTE 109733)                         keciboynuzu
Dorycnium graecum (L.) Ser.           Yonca
(ISTE 109737)
Genista anatolica Boiss.              Diken otu, Mayasil dikeni
(ISTE 109743)
Hymenocarpos circinnatus (L.)         Tandir otu
Savi (ISTE 109744)
Melilotus indica (L.) All.            Sari yonca
(ISTE 109730)
Pisum sativum L. subsp.               Yabani bezelye
elatius (M.Bieb.)
Asch. & Graebn.
(ISTE 109745)
Securigera securidaca (L.)            Sinameki
Degen & Dorfl.
(ISTE 109739, 109741)
Spartium junceum L.                   Katir kuyrugu, Katir tirnagi,
(ISTE 109752)                         Piren, Poruk
Trifolium angustifolium L.            Trifil
(ISTE 109750)
Trifolium nigrescens Viv.             Trifil, Yonca
(ISTE 109732)
Trifolium purpureum Loisel.           Tirfil
(ISTE 109734)
Vicia grandiflora                     Deli bakla, Fi, Trifil, Yerli Fi
Scop. (ISTE 109746)
Vicia tetrasperma (L.)                Mavi kantaron
Schreb. (ISTE 109751)
Vicia villosa Roth (ISTE 109749)      Bagla otu, Deli bakla, Fi, Yabani
Asparagus acutifolius                 Citir dikeni
L. (ISTE 109763)
Asparagus aphyllus L. subsp.          Ciger otu, Kalp otu
orientalis (Baker)
P.H.Davis (ISTE 109762)
Lilium candidum L. (ISTE 109761)      Beyaz zambak
Lythrum salicaria L. (ISTE 109765)    Egzama otu
Alcea pisidica Hub.-Mor.              Fatmagul, Hatmi
(ISTE 109770) Endemic
Malva sylvestris L.                   Develik otu, Ebegumeci, Evelik,
(ISTE 109767, 109769, 109768)
Jasminum fruticans L.                 Celtik, Cingirlik
(ISTE 109861, 109857)
Phillyrea latifolia L.                Akcakesme, Piynar
(ISTE 109858, 109860, 109859)
Paeonia peregrina Mill.               Abac, Ay gulu, Ayi gulu,
(ISTE 109864)                         Besparmak, Dolaman, Dulbent,
                                      Garga basmasi,
                                      Geyik gobegi, Geyik lalesi, Kaba
                                      dulbent lalesi, Kaba dulber,
                                      Kafire, Kame,
                                      Lale, Tombak lale, Top lale
Fumaria officinalis L.                Sahteren
(ISTE 109868)
Glaucium corniculatum                 Gelincik
(L.) Curtis (ISTE 109872)
Papaver rhoeas L.                     Gelincik, Gelineli
(ISTE 109869, 109866)
Plantago lanceolata L.                Damarli ot, Kilinc otu
(ISTE 109874)
Plantago major L. (ISTE 109876)       Kirkdamar otu, Sinirli ot
Plantago major L.                     Besparmak otu, Damarli ot
subsp. intermedia
(Gilib.) Lange (ISTE 109875)
Briza maxima L. (ISTE 109705)         Gunebakan, Singirdak otu
Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.           Ayrik otu, Bicirgan, Eklem otu
(ISTE 109707)
Sorghum halepense (L.)                Kanyas, Kiynas, Supurgelik
Pers. (ISTE 109706)
Polygonum alpinum All.                Eksigunek otu
(ISTE 109885)
Polygonum cognatum Meisn.             Madimak, Tavuk otu
(ISTE 109880)
Rumex acetosella L. (E.O.44)          Aci kulak, Eksi kulak, Epelek,
                                      Ilibada, Kizilbacak, Kuzukulak,
                                      Kuzukulagi, Labada
Rumex crispus L.                      Alabardagi, Ebe kuzulagi, Esek
(ISTE 109883, 109884)                 alabadasi, Labada
Rumex cristatus DC. (ISTE 109882)     Kuzukulak
Rumex obtusifolius L. (ISTE 109879)   Alabardak
Rumex patientia L. (E.O.45)           Labada otu, Pazi
Rumex tuberosus L. (ISTE 109881)      Eksi kulak, Kuzukulagi
Portulaca oleracea L. (E.O.49)        Semizlik otu, Temizlik otu
Primula vulgaris Huds. subsp.         Dag marulu, Dere cicegi, Karga
rubra (Sm.) Arcang. (ISTE 109887)     basmasi, Karga yasmagi, Marul
Delphinium peregrinum L.              Bit otu
 (ISTE 109888)
Helleborus orientalis Lam.            Karacakoku, Karacaot, Kokboyasi
Ranunculus arvensis L.                Bagdirnagi, Ellik pitragi,
(ISTE 109889)                         Pitrak, Sari pitrak
Ranunculus repens L.                  Bagdirnagi, Yagli lale, Yaki otu
(ISTE 109892, 109891)
Paliurusspina-christi Mill.           Calti, Calti gullugu, Calti pulu,
(ISTE 109893, 109894, 109895)         Karacalti
Cotoneaster morulus Pojark.           Geyik elmasi
(ISTE 109910)
Crataegus microphylla K.Koch          Alic
(ISTE 109914)
Crataegus monogyna Jacq.              Alic, Alic gulu, yemisen
(ISTE 109915, 109917)
Crataegus orientalis Pall.            Alic, Yemisen
ex M.Bieb. subsp. szovitsii
K.I.Chr. (ISTE 109913)
Filipendula vulgaris Moench           Kecisakali
(ISTE 109912)
Malus sylvestris (L.)                 Bayir elmasi
Mill. (ISTE 109922)
Potentilla recta L.                   Aslan pencesi, Yaraotu
(ISTE 109921)
Prunus divaricata A.                  Dag erigi, Erik
Sav. subsp. divaricata
Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A.Webb        Badem, Cagla
(ISTE 109934)
Prunus laurocerasus L.                Tahlan, Taflan, Taflana
(ISTE 109932)
Prunus spinosa L.                     Cakal erigi, Deli erik, Domuz
(ISTE 109909)                         erigi, Guvem, Karaguvem, Likapa,
                                      Yabani erik
Pyrus amygdaliformis Vill.            Deli armut
(ISTE 109936)
Pyrus elaeagnifolia Pall.             Ahlat, Aflat, Alfat, Cakal
(ISTE 109923, 109933)                 armudu, Geyik elmasi, Uvez,
                                      Yabani armut
Rosa canina L.                        Bayirgulu, Iprim, Itgulu,
(ISTE 109938, 109931)                 Kusbasi, Kusburnu, Okuzgotu,
                                      Yabangulu, Yabani gul
Rosa phoenicia Boiss.                 Kusburnu
(ISTE 109904, 109924)
Rosa sempervirens L.                  Kusburnu, Itgulu, Okuzgotu
(ISTE 109902)
Rubus canescens DC.                   Bogurtlen, Karamik, Karanti,
(ISTE 109926)                         Kiranti
Rubus idaeus L.                       Karanti
(ISTE 109898, 109897, 109903)
Rubus sanctus Schreb.                 Bogurtlen, Kirinti
(ISTE 109900)
Rubus ulmifolius Schott               Karanti
(ISTE 109927)
Sarcopoterium spinosum (L.)           Citirdak, Citirgan, Citirik,
                                      Citirgi dikeni, Citir pitir
Spach (E.O.56)
Sorbus torminalis (L.)                Geyik elmasi
Crantz (ISTE 109918)
Galium aparine L.                     Dil kanatan otu, Kedi tasagi,
(ISTE 109946,                         Yapiskan ot
109948, 109943)
Galium verum L.                       Sunnetlice otu, Yogurt otu
(ISTE 109947)
Rubia tinctorum L.                    Boyalik otu, Kokboya, Yapiskan ot
(ISTE 109945)
Populus nigra L. (E.O.59)             Deli kavak, Kavak, Telli kavak
Salix alba L. (ISTE 109949)           Sogut
Osyris alba L. (E.O.60)               Poruk otu
Viscum album L. subsp.                Aflat burcu, Ahlat, Ahlat burcu,
album (E.O.61)                        Ahlat hurcu, Ahlat purcugu, Alfat,
                                      Ardic burcu, Ardic purcugu, Armut
                                      burcu, Burc, Hurc, Okse otu
Viscum album L. subsp.                Burc, Cam burcu, Hurc, Okse otu
austriacum (Wiesb.)
Vollm. (E.O.62)
Scrophularia scopolii                 Basur otu
Hoppe ex Pers.
(ISTE 109953)
Verbascum lasianthum                  Esek kulagi, Mayasil otu, Sigir
Boiss. ex Benth.                      kuyrugu, Sigir sidigi
(ISTE 109954)
Verbascum mucronatum Lam.             Balik otu, Mayasil otu, Sigir
(ISTE 109951)                         kuyrugu, Supurgelik otu
Verbascum simavicum Hub.-Mor.         Esek kulagi, Sigir kuyrugu,
(ISTE 109950, 109952, E.O.63)         Sigir sidigi
Veronica pectinata L.                 Bodur mahmut
(ISTE 109956, 109955)
Datura stramonium L.                  Hardalotu, Tatala
(ISTE 109959)
Hyoscyamus niger L.                   Dis otu
(ISTE 109958, 109957)
Tilia argentea Desf.                  Ihlamur
ex DC. (ISTE 109961)
Tilia rubra DC. subsp.                Ihlamur
caucasica (Rupr.)
V.Engl. (E.O.67)
Urtica dioica L.                      Bicirgan, Gicirgan, Gidisken,
(ISTE 109962, E.O.68)                 Isirgan, Kabarcik
Urtica membranacea Poir. ex           Isirgan
Savigny (ISTE 109964)
Urtica pilulifera L.                  Gidisken
(ISTE 109963)
Verbena officinalis L.                Sultan otu
(ISTE 109965)
Viola sieheana W.Becker               Mor menekse
(ISTE 109967)
Viola tricolor L. (ISTE 109966)       Yabani menekse
Asphodeline lutea L.                  Kopek silsili, Lulluk, Nunu,
(ISTE 109966)                         Yabani pirasa
Asphodelus aestivus Brot.             At otu, Kirislik, Yabani pirasa
(E.O.70, ISTE 109969)
Tribulus terrestris L.                Coban cokerten, Deve cokerten,
(E.O.71)                              Domuz pitragi, Pitrak otu, Sari
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Title Annotation:Original Article
Author:Nath, Ebru Ozdemir; Kultur, Sukran
Publication:Journal of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Istanbul University
Article Type:Report
Geographic Code:7TURK
Date:Jun 1, 2017
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