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The liberty thing trumps all others.

SOME of us can see through Jeremy Hunt and his pathetic attempt this weekend to put down an early marker to become our next PM.

It is astonishing to consider that in 2016, he voted to remain in what he now tells us, was a prison not unlike the Soviet Union.

Of course he is dead right to describe the EU in such terms. But my whole point is this: has he just has some Damascene conversion? Of course not.

Many of us have for years seen it as a prison with the gates about to clang shut. That is why we are so darned hopping mad about the EU: and why sane and cultured Europhiles like me are so EU-phobic, and want to free ourselves from a prison we have as a nation sleepwalked into.

That "liberty" thing is the Brexit argument that trumps all others. Forget economic arguments: freedom is what it is all about.

How dare Jeremy Hunt have voted Remain when, all the time, he had considered the EU to be a prison camp for British people? How dare he? Dai Woosnam Grimsby

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 2, 2018
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