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The leaping of Liverpool; Stunt biker out of retirement for a crack at world record.


HE has been described as Liverpool's answer to Evel Knievel. Some say he is completely mad.

Daredevil motorcyclist John Taylor is coming out of retirement for another attempt to leap into the record books.

The stunt ace is planning to pilot his 500cc Honda bike over 21 buses, a clearance of 253 feet.

John, 38, from Wavertree, hopes to take up the challenge this summer but needs sponsorship and someone to supply the buses. He is also seeking a suitable location in Liverpool for his spectacular stunt.

His 20-year career is a catalogue of death-defying rides that has left him with more broken bones than he can remember.

In 1985, he tried to leap his bike over the gap between two sixstorey blocks of flats in Netherley. The attempt ended in neartragedy with a roof-top crash.

John has broken his legs, both ankles, ribs, collarbone and hand.

John is convinced he would easily break the record. His beloved bike has been specially adapted, with new tyres and aluminium exhaust and handlebars to make it as lightweight as possible.

He said: ``I have the formula to succeed and I just need the back-up.

``I need one or two sponsors, a venue, materials like scaffolding and the buses. I want to put on a show that no-one will forget, at night-time and floodlit.''

Jumping for joy1982: At a charity show at Woolton Manor, broke British record by jumping 124ft through a wall of fire.

l 1985: Leapt 170ft across a railway line in Otterspool lTried to leap the gap between two six-storey blocks of flats in Netherley. He escaped death after a horrific roof-top crash.

1987: Crashed through a quarter inch thick plateglass on playing fields in Norris Green to raise cash for the Hungerford Disaster Fund.

l At an attempt to ride through a 300ft tunnel of fire at Netherley comprehensive school, John crashed on a trial run and broke his arm


DEATH-DEFYING: Stunt rider John's attempt to leap between two six-storey blocks of flats in Netherley; DISASTER: John is comforted after the horrific roof-top crash
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 18, 2002
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