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Web Sites Worth Mentioning This Web site is an online directory of companies who purchase printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), PCB and box build services. With over 1,000 companies listed, the site helps sellers locate prospective customers with company profiles. Data I/O Corp. has launched a Chinese language site in Simplified Chinese. The site will create an alternative language delivery system for product information and specifications, news, company information and requests for technical support, product sales and feedback. GlobalSpec is a specialized search engine for the technical community. Its search technology allows users to search by specification for more than 850,000 product families from more than 9,500 supplier catalogues: UltraCAD has introduced a new free calculator (UCCALC.exe) that will replace the transmission line impedance calculator introduced six years ago. The new calculator is more powerful and accurate and is useful for common single-ended board configurations.

Industry Resources The fourth edition of Printed Circuit Board Basics is now available. From design and manufacturing to purchasing to considerations for managing the business, concepts in the book are explained in simple terms. This edition contains an updated primer on single-, double-sided and multilayer PCB manufacturing processes; a review of new technologies such as embedded components and microvias (HDI); updated PCB specifications; a history of the industry; and an updated glossary of terms and definitions.

Surveys and Guides Are you an EMS provider wanting to attract more OEM customers? Then, don't miss the opportunity for your free listing in the original Directory of Electronics Manufacturing Services Providers (DEMS).

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* Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): Speeding Electronics Assembly Michael DeLapa and Eric Larkin, Arena Solutions

* Process Defect Clinic Bob Willis, EPS
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Date:Dec 1, 2003
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