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The latest developments from Cermex.

The Latest Developments from Cermex

Cermex are proving themselves able to offer the right machine for the job from their wide range of equipment. Within reason, whatever the outer pack or product to be picked, Cermex can provide the right answer.

Their latest machine to be introduced into the marketplace is the ER.30 Robot. This has taken the company into areas where conventional machines are unable to cope, due to the complexity of the collation or degree of difficulty of handling the bottle or other products. For example, with the squeezy sauce bottles that Amora produce in France, which are very soft and unstable, the Robot loads the bottles into cases row by row and the Pickup Head picks the bottles up from between guide rails; this enables the machine to overcome the problems of stability and back pressure.

Cermex has just received a big order from Rowntree in France for packing flowraps of Lion Bars into a variety of cases or trays. Line speed is very high and to try and pack them using conventional machines is impossible. The ER.30 Robot can cope easily with this project.

Multi-packs can also be handled on the same lines.

Quick and easy size change, without 'fine tuning', is essential and a change is carried out in about five minutes, without the use of any tools. Line operators can change a complete Cermex line easily and quickly, with production being resumed with little delay.

The company has also shown itself capable of providing the complete line of equipment, with the ER.30 Robot being complimented by case erectors, tray makers, case sealers and palletisers. Likewise, coding units or other ancillary equipment can also be included.

Their range has also improved in other areas. High speed case erectors and traymakers have been introduced with line speeds that are now up to 40 cases or trays/minute. Whilst the trays have to be die cut, the case erectors normally run on the cheaper printer slotter cases and run to very high levels of efficiency. Once again size changes can be carried out by operators in less than ten minutes without the use of tools.

Also new to the range are the higher speeds wrapround and pick and place packer. Speeds up to 50 cases a minute are possible on the WP.50 wrapround machine. Speeds up to 25,000 bottles per hour are possible on the E.478 pick and place packer. Easy and quick size change is standard on both these machines. New style guards are also included to provide better access for operators and fitters.

A facility on all their machines is a fault indication system. With no full time operators working on a machine, it is essential to keep operators informed of the state of the machine at all times. If there is a problem, the operator is advised of the problem and exactly what it is. Likewise, a mimic display shows if there is a guard open, and which one it is.

There are systems to warn operators that the levels in the case magazine are getting low. The same applies with sealing tape reels and hot melt glue systems. The machines warn the operators before the situation becomes critical.

Extended case or tray magazines are also available to reduce the number of visits to replenish magazines.

Cermex are doing everything they can to make their machines fit modern day demands to make them user friendly'.

In the UK the company are to be found at PO Box 12, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, tel: 0480 455919.

PHOTO : Cermex ER 30 robot for Amora
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Date:Nov 1, 1991
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