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The last issue.

We anticipate that, beginning in January 2016, Green Social Thought will continue as an online publication. This is our final print issue. To find the electronic version, go to the website greensocialthoughtorg/ in January.

Our journey began when the first issue of Workers' Democracy (WD) appeared in Winter 1981. Its founding principles began: "We live in a society out of control, headed toward suicide. Nuclear war is the primary threat to life on this planet ... Production of poisonous and cancer-producing chemicals seems uncontrolable." WD advocated resolving these problems with a new social system that "would end production for sale and profit and would begin production for human needs." The system would "begin with the rank and file of each shop or office ..."

Those beliefs have been maintained throughout the changes in name and editorial board members for the 104 issues printed in 35 years. After publishing 30 issues of WD, editors became interested in the Greens. In Summer, 1991, WD became Regeneration: A Magazine of Left Green Social Thought. Four issues appeared under that name and the publication merged with Green Synthesis. The new title, Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought (S/R), appeared in Winter 1993. In Summer 1995, a special issue of S/R, Dioxin: The Orange Resource Book, provided basic information for those confronting toxins. In Spring 2013, the final change occurred as the publication became Green Social Thought: A Magazine of Synthesis and Regeneration (GST).

Green Social Thought will be the name that appears on the online publication. It will have the following as the "About Us" statement:

      Continued economic growth now threatens the
   very existence of people and nearly all life on earth.
   Yet we live under the political and cultural hegemony
   of monopoly capitalism, a system that maintains that
   economic growth is the solution to all social problems
   and relies on unsustainable growth for its continued
   existence. Our challenge is to advocate and create an
   alternative that empowers people across the planet
   while establishing a new economy and global social
   order based on equity, social justice and peace. We believe
   that a truly democratic economic order can enhance
   the quality of life. Achieving that it will require
   eliminating unnecessary production, ensuring satisfaction
   of needs for all people, and placing the survivability
   of the ecosphere at the center of our social, political,
   and cultural life. Green Social Thought welcomes
   the reading, thinking, and writing of all who recognize
   this threat to life on this planet, and who want to actively
   become part of the solution.

   We hope you visit us electronically!
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Author:Fitz, Don
Publication:Green Social Thought: A Magazine of Synthesis and Regeneration
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Sep 22, 2015
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