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The last 5 things I bought; RONA DOUGALL.

STV's Scotland Tonight presenter reveals her love of organic curries and how much she loves flowers.

Yes, that is a hint to her hubby.

1 I bought a purple micro scooter this morning for my daughter Flora's birthday. Hope she doesn't read this as it's a surprise. She's wanted one for ages. Hopefully it means we'll be able to get to school quicker in the morning as, evil mother that I am, I refuse to take the car. I will have to build in injury time, though, as she's a bit accident prone.

2 My aunt hasn't been very well so I bought her some beautiful lilies. Buying flowers for myself always seems such an extravagance, but I like giving them to other people because I know how much I enjoy receiving them. Hint to husband there...

3 Because I work late on Scotland Tonight I always take my dinner into the studio. And I've discovered a fantastic range of organic curries. Tonight, I shall mostly be eating Bombay spiced chicken.

4 I've treated myself to a new pair of trainers as my old pair are starting to fall apart from overuse. I've started running with some school mums recently, too, and the routes are getting increasingly long and hilly.

5 Very boringly, I raced into the shops and bought some eggs before starting work so I could make some muffins. I like to leave some for my daughters on the two days I present Scotland Tonight. It makes me feel slightly less guilty about not being there. I'm an awful cook, though, so they would probably prefer that I buy them.

Rona presents Scotland Tonight with John MacKay on STV, broadcast live Monday to Thursday at 10.30pm.
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Date:Nov 24, 2012
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