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The king of rivers.

Many JS readers are fascinated by geographic superlatives (highest level or degree attainable). Students want to know about Earth's tallest mountain, lowest point, largest continent, and richest country.

Most geographic superlatives--especially the ones that describe Earth's physical features--remain constant. Take, for instance, Mount Everest. Soaring 29,035 feet above sea level, it is the world's tallest mountain. It will hold that distinction forever.

The world's richest country, however, can change yearly. That is because a country's wealth depends upon the ups and downs of the global economy.

One curious reader wants to know about the world's longest river.

Q: Is the Nile the longest river in the world?

A: Traversing northward for about 4,160 miles, the Nile is the world's longest river. Geographers calculate the distance from its remotest headstream, in Burundi, to its delta (area at the river's mouth) on the Mediterranean Sea, in Egypt.

Some experts argue that the Amazon River, when measured properly, is slightly longer than the Nile. But until that measurement is agreed upon, the Nile remains the king of length.
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Author:McMahon, Jim
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Date:Apr 11, 2005
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