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The kind of electoral fraud that should topple a government.

Lies, lies, more dammed lies where in era billions and billions and billions are going to be wasted on a useless, soon-to-be-outdated fighter aircraft. The Australians looked at the F-35 and opted out immediately and Canada should have followed suit. These wasted tax dollars could be well and properly spent to help our lump-summed wounded, who are in dire need.

Canadians built the Avro Arrow, and they can build their own long-range Canadian fighters. We are a big country and short-distance fighters are useless in a country this huge. With the building of our own aircraft to suit the North and long distances we could create lots of jobs and keep the money here, at home, in this time of financial trouble when our neighbours to the south are going over the financial cliff in the Obama Mobile, having wasted all of their own national taxpayer funds bailing out Wall Street, the car companies and the banks.

Billy Willbond

Saanichton, BC
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Title Annotation:Letters to the editor
Author:Beskau, Raymond
Publication:Esprit de Corps
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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