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The journey that matters.

We go through phases in life. Sometimes we are charged up, sometimes we have zero battery. At times we find ourselves in an unending phase of demotivation, which can lead to depression. How do we find motivation in such situations?


We can find peace in prayer. When we find a connection with the Almighty, we find solutions. Get yourself in a quiet zone and simply pray. You may not find an immediA[degrees] ate solution, but you will find peace of mind, which will lead you to a solution.

Get out of the couch

This is not about weight loss! You got to get out of the couch or office desk and go for a walk or a swim or run or to the gym. Exercise opens your mind, reduces stress and can be a great way to motivate yourself when you are sad.


Watch your favourite movie and find motivation. Reel life is insA[degrees] pired from real life. When you watch a movie about people who survive in tough situations and yet they don't quit, it can be very motivating!


Travelling and meeting new peoA[degrees] ple is very inspiring and relaxing. It opens your mind to new avenues and gives you a change from the routine. You may find a story on your journey which may help you find your life's purpose.


Find the reason of your demotivaA[degrees] tion and kill it. We have one life. Why waste it by feeling sad? Do something, change your mood and inspire yourself. Look around and you will find people in much tougher situations. That should motivate you to get through tough times. Act and don't get depressed if you fail, at least you tried. All that matters is the attempt and not the result because it is the journey that matters in the end!

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Publication:The Week (Muscat, Oman)
Date:Sep 29, 2016
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