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The invasion of green field sites is nothing less than vandalism.

Byline: Joe Riley keeping a watching brief on the world at large MY SHOUT

I RECENTLY attended a fine wedding in the beautiful grounds of Crosby Hall Educational Trust, with its honey-stoned buildings surrounded by lawns and ancient trees.

Only five miles from Liverpool, but everyone agreed you could have been in the Cotswolds, that most quintessential of English landscapes.

Fast forward to last week, when I actually was in the Cotswolds, and to the shock of oncehallowed villages - Broadway, Welford, Pebworth etc - now being under dire threat of ugly, ostentatious over-development.

Half-a-dozen new homes, incidentally still by no means "affordable", is one thing. Clusters of 50 are downright offensive. The whole atmosphere of these communities is being wrecked. But councils are greedy for rates and have cloth ears.

I firmly believe that no green field sites should be invaded until every derelict option has been reused.

So, plans back home to build at Allerton Priory need to be be fully resisted. The same goes for Knowsley, where there is glib talk of wrecking almost 50% of greenbelt.

Trampling on nature is nothing less than irreversible vandalism.

No wonder pressure on public services, plus immigration - still sky high - was the deciding factor in the EU referendum.

Join the chat Do you agree with Joe? FLYING to America to speak at a Donald Trump rally seems like an outright endorsement to me, no matter what the now-retired Nigel Farage claims about fighting the establishment.

Like his party, Ukip, he is politically redundant. Not that he will be helping old allies by crossing the pond to appear on the same platform as the most dangerous man in the wild west.

THE BBC's head of content (more like discontent), Charlotte Moore, says that disclosing the pay of their "stars" would lead other contributors to demand the same.

Naively, she believes insiders don't already know what the likes of Gary Lineker and Chris Evans are pocketing.

Licence payers have a right to know. Public exposure would help to keep down salaries, not inflate them.

Ultimately, everyone is expendable, something Auntie has yet to learn.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 29, 2016
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