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The international trading system, globalization, and history; 2v.


The international trading system, globalization, and history; 2v.

Ed. by Kevin O'Rourke.

Edward Elgar Publishing


923 pages



Critical perspectives on the global trading system and the WTO; no.6


History shows that the course of globalization is not irreversible and that periods of increasing integration have in the past been torn apart by the disintegration of war; so states O'Rourke (economics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) in his introduction to the 34 articles and book excerpts he has chosen for inclusion in this two-volume set. He lauds the achievements of the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs and the World Trade Organization (acknowledging that they need some tweaking to correct some flaws) and encourages the study of history so that the trend can be maintained. Presented in facsimile (all are legible) from such publications as Economic History Review, Quarterly J. of Economics, and the J. of Political Economy, among others, the selections are grouped in sections on overviews, war and peace, late 19th-century backlash, contemporary view of interwar disintegration, hegemony, non-discrimination and reciprocity, customs unions and preferential trading agreements, and trade wars and trade rivalry. Indexing is by name, but not by subject.

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