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The internal triangle; new theories of female development.


The internal triangle; new theories of female development.

Holmes, Lucy.

Jason Aronson


149 pages




How do little girls dare to become women? According to Freudian theory this is either a dark mystery or an outcome of "not being" men. However, in the first new attempt by a woman to use Freud's drive theory to explain female development in well over half a century, practitioner Holmes presents a new hypothesis about the way girls use introjection in the case of parental figures to separate from powerful early objects. Holmes uses her own experiences with adolescence and childbirth and those of others as a developmental milestone, along with menopause, and in essence proves the process of development in girls and women continues through the life cycle. She also provides therapists, male and female, with advice on what women want in life and in therapy, how groups of women and women's groups really work, the element of revenge, and the particular mind of the mother.

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Date:Mar 1, 2008
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