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The inside story; DNA to RNA to protein, readings from trends in biochemical sciences.


The inside story; DNA to RNA to protein, readings from trends in biochemical sciences.

Ed. by Jan A. Witkowski.

Cold Spring Harbor Lab.


382 pages




This book is a compilation of articles on significant events in the history of biochemistry, which were published in the journal "Trends in Biochemical Sciences." Editor Witkowski has selected articles that present an insider's view of discoveries that are now seen as landmark achievements, and that relate to the central dogma of molecular biology, which is that DNA makes RNA makes protein, or, "once information has passed into protein it cannot get out again." The book begins with Albrecht Kossel and the discovery of histones, and ranges through Schrodinger and the origins of molecular biology, the double helix, DNA replication, protein synthesis, genetic code, tRNA, mRNA, early ribosome research, peptidyl transfer, and finally to the advent of rapid DNA sequencing.

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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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