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The ins and outs of PM.

You're a firm believer in preventive maintenance. You do a complete and thorough PMCS whenever the TM requires it. So why is the track on your howitzer or amino carrier in such sad shape?

Sprocket wear could be the culprit. Most crewmen check the sprocket wear marks to make sure there are no problems. But what they don't notice is that the end connectors can sometimes wear too far on the inside of the sprocket teeth.

In fact, the teeth may be worn down to or below the wear marks, even though the outside of the sprocket looks just fine.

When that happens, the sprocket "hooks" end connectors during operation. The end connectors are damaged, track life is reduced and sprockets are broken.
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Title Annotation:M109-Series SP Howitzers, M992A2 Ammo Carrier...; Preventive Maintenance
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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