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The ingenious way to take your perfume with you.

ANYONE who's tried to transfer perfume from a big bottle to a travel-size vial knows it's not easy, especially if the perfume bottle's spray cap is sealed.

Your only option would be to direct the perfume nozzle toward the portable vial's mouth and keep spritzing until you get enough product-or you get tired and frustrated, whichever comes first.

Sometimes you get lucky and encounter a fragrance bottle that will let you unscrew the nozzle cap and pour directly onto your travel bottle, but this option wastes a lot of product and introduces air, dust and other elements into your perfume which could degrade its quality.

Thankfully, there are geniuses at companies like Travalo and Perfume Pod who understand your pain. These bottles are no bigger than your finger but can store enough scent to last you 65 to 85 sprays, easily a month or two's worth.

What sets these bottles apart is the patented technology used to siphon perfume out of sealed bottles. Dubbed the Genie-S refill system, each bottle has a hole at the end that you connect to your perfume bottle's nozzle tube. Simply pump up and down as if you were spraying perfume and see the Perfume Pod/Travalo bottle fill up fast-no muss, no fuss.

The bottles are durable and shatterproof, too, making them perfect for traveling, especially with airlines' strict regulations on liquids onboard.

Before, you could only get these genius bottles online, abroad or via an airline's in-flight shopping catalog, but now you can easily grab one here. The Perfume Pod, a more basic and utilitarian version, retails for P349.75, while the sleeker Travalo bottle is P999.75.

While these can be reused many times over, we recommend using one bottle per fragrance to preserve the purity of your fragrances.

The bottles are available at Travalo, 2/F, SM North Edsa, and L/4, SM Aura.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Jun 17, 2016
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