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The industrial visits.

AstraZeneca R&D Montreal participated during National Chemistry Week with different experiments that were fun, interactive, and colourful. A new display was set up each day in the building, along with chemistry facts pertaining to everyday life. To give people an experiment that they could carry out at home with their friends and families, we gave out recipes for homemade bath bombs, complete with free samples.

High school students from Lindsay Place High School were invited to the site, where they were given a presentation on the company and the drug discovery process, emphasizing the role of chemists at the site. They were given a tour of the chemistry department including the labs. Their visit culminated in joining the AstraZeneca staff for the annual making of ice cream, indulging in the NCW cake and viewing posters about the chemistry department. In addition, they tried different experiments, including the favourite: making slime!

Carmen Leung

AstraZeneca R&D Montreal
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Title Annotation:National Chemistry Week
Author:Leung, Carmen
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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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