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The importance of first aid.

Byline: Fiha Batool

May I have the honour to draw the attention of the authorities and the people through the esteemed column of your newspaper about the importance of knowing the first aid? Today a child met an accident near the school gate. Many people were standing around but did not know what to do. Finally, the child was carried to the hospital by a taxi driver. The students should be made aware of primary steps of first aid at school. In the school curriculum. it should be included. Even competitions should be held to make them efficient at first aid. At the same time, they should have their own mini first aid box at their home. The parents should encourage their children for this purpose. They should know what to do in such situations before the victim is carried to the hospital. At times, the first aid can be life-saving. The government and the concerned educational authorities should initiate a step towards this.

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Publication:The Messenger (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Mar 15, 2019
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