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The importance of cleaning contact lenses correctly.

[UKPRwire, Wed Mar 14 2012] The health of the eyes is very important, especially for contact lenses wearers. That means taking care of the eyes is vital for contact lenses wearers to avoid serious risk to the eyesight.

It is one of the most confusing questions for a contact lenses wearer -- which contact lenses solution is best for me?

Contact lens solutions are divided into two main groups; the all in one multipurpose solution and the peroxide based disinfection system. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Multipurpose solutions have become the mainstay of modern contact lens cleaning regimes due to their ease of use. The active ingredients mean they not only clean contact lenses, but store, soak and disinfect them too.

If your eyes are sensitive to the preservative in the multipurpose solutions however, then the peroxide based systems such as Oxysept would be more suitable. These use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the contact lens and are deemed to have a higher efficacy compared to multipurpose solutions when disinfecting contact lenses.

"The correct method of disinfecting contact lenses means healthier contact lens wear," say Mark Adams, optician at online contact lenses retailer Lensdrop. "Unfortunately this is also one of the most neglected."

Some contact lens wearers re-use the same solution. Others don't even disinfect their contact lenses, instead choosing to just use Saline.

"Re-using contact lenses solution is a complete no go" added Mr Adams. "We cannot warn highly against this sort of practice as Saline is a breeding ground for bacteria such as Acanthamoeba, Pseudomonas and many others.

"Always use fresh solution to disinfect contact lenses and a minimum of six hours soaking time for effective disinfection. Re-using solution greatly increases the risk of both infections and allergic shock to the cornea due to any un-removed surface deposits on the contact lens."

Recent studies have shown that bacteria actually breeds on the contact lens case lid, so this should also be rinsed together with the inside of the case. This should then be left to air dry while using a towel to dry the case is not recommended. In addition, the contact lenses solution should be thrown away after 30 days because this is the lifecycle of the solution.

Mr Adams added: "It's only intended to be used for 30 days and after this period both its efficacy and potency are reduced greatly. Anyone who says you can keep using your solution post 30 days is misinformed not to mention putting your eyes in great danger. It is not worth the risk"

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Date:Mar 14, 2012
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