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The human ice cube; Freeze a jolly good fellow ...supercool Wim can relax at minus 20degs.


THESE astonishing pictures show the man who loves being a human ICE CUBE.

Perched on a block of frozen water in a freezer for AN HOUR, Wim Hof revels in temperatures that would kill a normal person.

While we shiver in the current cold snap, it's the kind of weather that Wim, 48, enjoys stripping off and sunbathing in.

The Dutchman has spent the past 20 years pushing his body to the limits as he swims UNDER a frozen lake in Lapland (below) and runs OVERthe same lake in his bare feet and shorts. Earlier this year the dad of five set a world record when he sat in a tub of ice at minus 20 deg C (minus 4 deg F) for one hour and 12 minutes in a New York street (top).

And next Saturday he will attempt to beat that by doing the same stunt in Cologne, Germany, for one hour 45 minutes.

Wim discovered his bizarre talent 20 years ago when he was walking through a park in Holland in winter and decided to dive in a frozen pond.

He explained: "I hadn't even been drinking.

Thirty seconds later my clothes were off and I was in.

And when I got out I felt really brilliant."

Now Wim repeats the dip daily in freezing weather, sometimes watched by son Noah, six (above).

Wife Caroline, 49, said: "I do worry about him."

But Wim says it is merely a case of mind over matter. Practising an ancient Himalayan meditation called Tummo - or Inner Fire - he says he is able to generate heat in any part of his body.

Wim added: "My belief is that cold exposure results in you feeling better, stronger, and prevents many diseases. Just try it!"


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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 14, 2008
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