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The human element: Robert Martin property management.

Although responding effectively to various facility requirements may be the simple definition for property management, the Robert Martin Company has taken the concept far beyond such humble beginnings.

Property management at the Robert Martin Company is a sincere devotion to client service and tenant needs that defines this family-run operation. From our earliest commercial space holdings to our latest venture, the Blue Hill Plaza in Rockland County, NY, a satisfied tenant roster has been our number one priority.

Rather than being a defense mechanism, tenant service should be a well-planned and consistently delivered program that doesn't fluctuate with the ever-changing marketplace. Robert Martin Company understands the personal touch an owner/manager must have with its tenancy. The special services and amenities tenants receive as a part of their leases often build trust on a human level as much as adherence to standard protocol builds trust on a business level. Amenities such as on-site child care centers, health clubs, hotels, restaurants and retail services all contribute to a total business environment and have become staples of Robert Martin properties.

During its four decades as a real estate owner, developer and manager in the Westchester/Fairfield region, the Robert Martin Company has fostered close relationships with its tenancy through the employment of unique in-house teams, devoted to property management and ongoing tenant services. Our long and successful history has taught us not only to be sensitive to the changing needs of our tenancy, but to anticipate those needs through communication between the tenants and talented in-house management support staffs.

Robert Martin Company endeavors to provide each tenant with the optimum business environment, one conducive to effective operations and corporate growth.

By building a quality product as well as strong organizational capabilities, the Robert Martin Company is able to accommodate the needs of any tenant through the coordinated efforts of in-house professionals such as leasing account executives, construction project managers, on-site building managers and customer service representatives. From the initial lease negotiation and build-out of the space to the eventual move-in, tenants benefit from the personalized services afforded by this professional team.

A personalized relationship, established through the account executive, building manager and customer service representative, offers each tenant the assurance of dealing with individuals familiar with their particular business and space requirements. This intense and cooperative level of service often means the difference between a lease renewal and a tenant relocation to a competitor's property. It also gives the Robert Martin Company a clear insight into the changing face of tenant needs and property management techniques.

Such intimate knowledge of the tenancy enabled Robert Martin Company to predict the demise of custodial property management. Today's market requires highly-skilled, on-site building managers, equipped to handle the complexities of high-tech clients and the sophisticated business requirements of its tenant roster. Long before maximizing professionalism became commonplace in this field, Robert Martin Company had begun encouraging its property managers to pursue educational opportunities and such trade certificates as the Certified Property Manager (CPM) and Real Property Administrator (RPA) designations.

The professionalism and personal service discussed here is emblematic of an organization that tenants can rely upon no matter what trends the real estate industry is experiencing.
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Title Annotation:Focus on: Property Management
Author:Berger, Brad
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Apr 17, 1996
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