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The house of Dadabhoy.

The House of Dadabhoy

Immediately after independence, the Founder of Dadabhoy Group of Companies, Mr. Abdul Ghani Dadabhoy migrated to Pakistan and started the trading business such as cotton ginning, oil plant and also founded a construction company immediately thereafter. The growth of Dadabhoys, eversince, in the field of Real Estate and industries has been truly phenomenal. It has been a story of success one after the other perhaps unparallel in the history of Pakistan's industrial sector. They have remained in the forefront of industrial development of the country for many years. They have established many industries, covering vast fields, which have helped them keeping their colours flying well high. Their versatile and innovative approach to the industrial problems has earned them a place of respect.

The Group had entered the Real Estate business in 1960. Within a short span of 2 to 3 years they had floated 8 large housing projects covering an area of approximately 1500 acres.

The saga of success of Dadabhoy Group of Companies started soon after Mr. Abdul Ghani Dadabhoy stepped on the sacred soil of Pakistan after independence. And eversince then, Allah Almighty has been blessing this Group with successes one after the other. Today, they have more than a dozen industrial set ups which include Cement, Sanitaryware, Plasticware, Lubricants, Paper Bags, Prefabricated Construction Material, Agricultural Equipment. Leasing Company and Electronics. These are the clear and positive reflections of their industrial sagacity and ingenuity.

Today, by the Grace of Allah, they are a well-established Group, recognised at national and international levels for their dynamic industrial enterprises.
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Title Annotation:Dadabhoy Group of Companies; Industry
Publication:Economic Review
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Date:Jun 1, 1991
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