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The hot seat.

Name Shaahima Fahim

Job Media relations specialist, TRACCS

You have got five hours left before the world explodes. What do you do?

Spend one hour in denial, three hours running about trying to 'make things right' with the people I know, and the last praying it isn't so, simultaneously eating my weight in cheesecake.

What's your biggest fear?

Not my 'biggest' fear, but flight turbulence whitens those knuckles every single time. I wish they'd hurry up and sort out teleportation already.

When did you last cry, and why?

A couple of years ago, at my best friend's wedding. Either that, or at the last bit of Dead Poet's Society. Whichever's more recent.

What's the worst thing about your job?

The Sharjah-Dubai commute.

What's your best joke?

I'm a science major, so I wanted to tell you a good chemistry joke. Unfortunately, all the best ones Argon.

What is your most irritating habit?

I can't quite handle the gas in fizzy drinks, so there's this odd little slurping noise I make whenever I drink them. For every cup out of the soda fountain, I lose a friend.

Name one thing about yourself that few people know.

My wardrobe is organised with colour-co-ordinated hangers. It's not an obsessive compulsive thing; it's erm, hierarchical organisation.

If you had a trained monkey, what would you make it do?

To amuse/entertain me on demand. Pretty much what I've trained the younger sibling to do, really.

If your office was burning own, what would you save?

My organiser.And trained monkey.

Are you happy?

Very (Alhamdulillah).And I know it. Clap my hands?

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Publication:Campaign Middle East
Date:Oct 9, 2011
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