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The hot and the not.

Byline: Lesley Roberts

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the terrible toff tipped to be next Tory leader. Yes, I know. The father of six is a surprise inclusion here but pause for thought is required. The old Etonian has defiantly revealed he opposes both same sex marriage and abortion rights, regardless of circumstance. So woefully out of date, no reasonable Conservative sympathiser could vote for him. Rees-Mogg at the helm is a strategy for Tory self-destruction. So bring on the Moggmentum.

Labour MSP Monica Lennon scored a victory for all females last week. She led the battle against so-called "period poverty", an issue too long considered too embarrassing to tackle. And the First Minister has responded, announcing free provision of sanitary products in schools, colleges and universities. It's a start. Women on low incomes need more help, too. But it is progress. Another taboo topic toppled. Well done.

Grandkids keep you young and boost your spirits. Research by the University of Stirling has shown that spending time with their little relatives brings great happiness to senior citizens after they retire. Anyone who's lucky enough to have grandparents close by knows this already, of course. But as willing babysitters, cheerful childminders and reliable life coaches, gran and grandpa give as much as they get from being around for the youngsters.

What's going on beneath Wayne Rooney's hair transplant? His gorgeous, pregnant wife Coleen had barely unpacked her bikini on holiday when he was messing around with some flighty sort back home. Why is a settled life of love, riches and success not enough for guys like Rooney? Some shrink will study their gargantuan egos some day. In the meantime, Coleen should study his gargantuan fortune. And take her half with her on her next hol.

Fashion items from the 90s are now considered vintage. Trendy millennials are snapping up old T-shirts, shell suits and crop tops from online sites in a nod to 90s nostalgia. What happened to flowerpower flares or flapper-style dresses? Some of us didn't realise sportswear from Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein had ever fallen out of fashion and now they're enjoying a "renaissance". What's next? I'm holding out for C&A to reopen

The unfolding humiliation of the UK's Brexit negotiations. David Davis and Brexiteers said it would be a dawdle. Last week he declared "nobody ever pretended this would be easy". An amusing blunder if it wasn't so damn depressing. Then a leaked document reveals Tories plan to block EU migrants after Brexit. Twenty-seven nations look on horrified, their position hardening by the second. Every day, The scorpion flight from disconcerting. beastie did fuselage? stung one that peaceful another step closer to disaster.

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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 10, 2017
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