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The hot and the not.

Byline: Lesley Roberts

What's not to like about Taylor Swift since she dumped that soppy Tom Hiddleston? Love her even more now she's successfully sued the slimeball DJ who groped her. David Mueller stuck his hand up her skirt then brazened it out like nothing happened. Creep. Now an outof-work creep. Taylor's set an important example - this can happen to anyone, no one should tolerate it and victims who speak out will be believed.

It turns out Daniel Craig wouldn't rather kill himself than pocket PS100million for a final fling as 007. Which is good news to those hoping for another swimming trunks scene (excuse the blatant objectification). At 49, Craig might be tempted by a body double, especially after Tom Cruise, 55, broke his ankle filming a stunt for Mission Impossible 6. Age comes to us all, even secret agents. Top tip: Swap the trunks for Spanx.

Ordinary mums have great ideas.

Morit Boot, from Edinburgh, realised her five-year-old daughter wasn't the only child worried about going into hospital. She made child-friendly videos explaining procedures such as MRI scans and X-rays. She's since made 32 films and set up the charity What? Why? Children in Hospital. There are few things tougher than taking your child to hospital. One mum has made it easier for all of us.

The price of bacon has rocketed to a four-year high. Pork products are 12 per cent dearer. Tried to persuade my carniverous kids it's time to follow my vegetarian ways. "But I really love bacon," said my boy. "Not bacon," I told him. "It's pig. That was a cute little piggy till it ended up in your buttered roll."

He stared at the rashers. I thought I'd won. "Oooh," he drooled. "I really love pig." Damn.

Animals seem hell-bent on escaping Edinburgh Zoo. Following the images of male panda Sunshine getting all too close to a keeper, it has been revealed that several other animals have broken free of their enclosures, including a red panda, a river hog and an ibis.

A half-ton Heck bull was loose for 40 minutes. Tighten security pronto, otherwise we'll save our ticket money and just stand outside on Corstorphine Road and wait for passing wildlife.

The stupidly wealthy can squander their lolly on whatever they fancy but PS11,450 for a bottle of whisky? That's about half the average Scottish salary. The 1964 Black Bowmore was only worth PS70 in the 90s so it's hardly an ancient relic but it has just sold for a record 150 times its original price. It will likely be stored away safely by some rich sort and never drunk. A poor fate for the water of life.

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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 20, 2017
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