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The horrors of global human trafficking; YOUR VIEW A chance for local charities, voluntary organisations and advice groups to reach our readers TODAY: Senior Pastor Jon Cook, of the Newcastle Christian Life Centre.

JUST in case you didn't know I am a man. I very rarely leave the toilet seat up, but I am a man.

As a man, I am not the cause of all the world's problems but there is a time to stand up and say "this problem we are facing is a problem mainly caused by men for men".

The problem I am talking about is the abhorrent global trade of human trafficking.

Especially those being traf-ficked for the purpose of sex slavery.

The reason I am talking about this yet again is because a couple of the young woman from our church, NCLC, went to visit the A21 crisis house in Greece recently.

A21 is an organisation we partner with in the fight against human trafficking across Europe.

I also have just read the report from Hazel Thompson about her latest ebook "Taken".

This is not the Hollywood glamourised version of events where Liam Neeson sweeps in using his set of special skills to rescue his daughter.

That, unfortunately, does not happen.

Most of the women and children do not have an ex-CIA operative to bring them home.

Many are kept in locked rooms or cages until they are "broken" and never return home.

It can be easy to relegate that problem to another country.

But this issue has been highlighted by the Gazette's columnist Lindsay Bruce as also a Teesside problem.

I challenge you to do an internet search on human trafficking in the UK.

It is a problem here and now with us. Teesside's Ben Cooley felt so passionate about this subject that he has set up the charity Hope For Justice to help in the fight.

I can easily abdicate my responsibility as a man and say that I personally haven't caused it but maybe we, I, need to be part of the solution not just ignore the problem.

Get involved. Buy Hazel's ebook, go to the A21 or the Hope for Justice website and find out what you can do.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Oct 15, 2013
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