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The high road.

I am 5-foot-11 and don't have a BF. My friends say, "You're too tall. It intimidates guys," Am I doomed to be single forever?

DAVE Doomed? There's nothing wrong with being tall or single--each has some rather nice advantages. But, most likely, both situations will change for you in the near future. A number of your friends will soon catch up to you in height, and you'll no doubt meet a guy with whom you can see eye to eye.

BILL Some guys, not all, have hang-ups about girls being taller. There are boys who are taller than you or who are confident enough not to be intimidated by your height. Focus on those guys, the ones with real values.

My BF is telling everyone we broke up, but he never told me! What should I do?

BILL Easy. Walk up to him and tell him you're breaking up with him. If he's already been telling people you broke up, you've got nothing to lose.

DAVE Might I suggest getting yourself another boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have our three-month anniversary coming up, and I don't know whether of not I should get him a present. What do you think.

BILL I'd consult one of those anniversary charts by Emily Post or Hallmark. Let's see.... one-year anniversary: paper; two years: cotton; three months: bubble gum. Wow, that was easy. Of course, you could break tradition and go with something low-key that would mean a lot to him. I was kidding about the gum.

DAVE Girls put much more thought and emphasis on these matters than guys do. While it's sweet, I'll have to be guy-like on this one and say three months just isn't an important milestone. A year, sure. But don't make a big deal--either in your mind or at the mall--over this "anniversary." You're setting yourself up for disappointment if your beau does nothing in return.

My BFF hooked up with this guy, and they seem really happy. But he flirts with other girls, pulling their bra straps and smacking their butts. Is he stepping out of line, or do guys just do that?

BILL Congratulations to your best friend for finding the missing link: part caveman, part modern jerk. Is her boyfriend's behavior out of line? For a caveman, no. For a human, yes.

DAVE Pulling bra straps + smacking butts = flirting. Some guys might "just do that" but as long as there are girls and well-behaved guys who show outrage and disgust at such inappropriate actions, these low-life characters should get the cold shoulders they deserve.

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Why do boys always go into freak-out mode when they find out a girl likes them?

"Shock" is a better term than "freak-out." We know ourselves well, so it throws us off to think any sweet, adorable girl would actually like us. So we retreat, surrounding ourselves with all that is familiar--guy buddies, video games, buffalo wings--while attempting to figure out what's up. Guys can be dim. I can't demystify it much better than that.
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