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The heat is on.

When the heat has you down this summer, take heart: Cooler times are on the way Many products are available to ease the sizzling temperatures. So if you think sitting in the airconditioned house and watching the tube is your only option, these ideas may change your mind!


Deming Designs 141 West Pinestead Road Pensacola, FL 32503 (904) 478-5765

The De-Bug wheelchair has ATV front tires and castering rear wheels. The pivoting suspension design allows De-Bug to move over a 4-inch curb because all four wheels remain in contact with the ground.

The unit features a reclining backrest, extending footrest, and a fixed frame. Users can order a ratcheting, self-propulsion accessory. Other options include cushions and umbrella, fishing pole/drink holder, padded anurests, and custom paint. De-Bug reportedly will fit through a standard three-foot doorway and can be dismantled for transportation and storage.

Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair

Natural Access 430 Kaiolu Street, Suite 1106 Honolulu, HI 96815 (800) 411- 7789 / (808) 926-1176

Currently used by the city and county departments of parks and recreation on Honolulu, Hawaii, the Landeez chair enables wheelers to access the beach. It also can reportedly be taken into the ocean, on snowy trails, and on rocky paths. The frame is made of stainless steel and can be disassembled without tools.

Beach Master

10553 Rountree Road Losangeles, CA 90064 (310) 837-8984

The Beach Master has large pneumatic tires that allow the chair to ride smoothly over sand and grass. Made of furniture grade PVC, the frame features a stainless-steel footrest and parking brakes. The cushions and umbrella are available in a choice of colors, and the chair's total weight is 69 lb.

Beachmaster Aquatic Wheelchair

Beach Wheels, Inc. 1555 Shadowlawn Drive Naples, FL 33942 (941) 775-1078

Constructed of stainless steel, the Beachmaster has no chrome-plated tubing components to rust, wear, or cause maintenance problems. According to the manufacturer, inner reinforcing, hightech welding, and precision mandrel bending assure exceptional strength even at high-stress areas.

Bearings are specially designed bushings. The seat and backrest are made of marine-grade canvas, which reportedly resists oils, harsh sunlight, and most household cleaning chemicals. Custom modifications are available, and the Beachmaster comes with a one-year warranty.

Steel Wheel Aquatic Chair

Interior Mediquip Ltd. Box 1875 Vernon, BC VIT 8Z7 Canada (800) 561-8998 (604) 542-1363 / 549-3002 (fax)

The Steel Wheel is a noncorrosive wheelchair for use in swimming and therapy pools. Frame components are stainless-steel tubing formed to minimize sharp corners. All bolts, screws, and casters are also stainless steel. Plastic mag wheels with nonpneumatic tires reportedly eliminate maintenance.

Wheel-locks and footrests are constructed of a combination of plastic and stainless steel. Swing-away style armrests and fold-up removable footrests are said to provide convenience, security, and versatility. The chair features two nylon-web seat belts equipped with hook-and-loop closures for chest and waist areas.

Beverage Holders

The Swiggle Drinking System

Kojis Drinking Aides 509 East Main Street Waterford, WI 53185 (800) 750-3935 414) 534-3935 / 534-3601 (fax)

The Swiggle Drinking System has a valve stem that toggles in any direction and is activated by teeth, tongue, or lips. This action allows water to flow slowly through the valve. When not used, the stem forms a tight seal against leaks. Liquid flows through the tubing from the plastic cup, which is supported above the valve. Gravity keeps beverages flowing.

The cup is connected to the detachable contact at the bottom. A removable lid reportedly makes filling easy and prevents untidy spills.

Beverage Container Holder

Dyer Industries Inc. 165 Fishermills Road, Unit 3 Cambridge, Ontario N3C IE1 Canada (519) 654-0003 / 654-9789 (fax)

The Beverage Container Holder keeps hot and cold drinks, and bottles, mugs, and cups. It is adjustable and can be mounted horizontally or vertically on tubing 7/8"-1/2" or on flat surfaces on a 1" x 3 " space with metal screws or short bolts. A screwdriver is reportedly all that's necessary for installation. The holder is made from high-impact polypropylene, and the brackets are ultrahigh-impact ABS. The product's suggested retail price is $14.95, plus $3.75 shipping and handling. Each order includes an expanded polystyrene insert.

Fitmax[R] Drinking System

Fitmax 150 Mitchell Boulevard San Rafael, CA 94903 (800) 786-7779 (415) 499-0841 / 507-0856 (fax)

The Fitmax Double Header Water Drinking System lets users choose between a regular bicycle spout or a straw. It is available in 21- or 28-ounce capacities. The Multi-max insulated carrier provides accessibility by snapping onto most wheelchair frames and crutches, leaving hands and laps free. Each bottle comes complete with straw and shoulder strap.

Cooling Systems


Microclimate Systems, Inc. 965 South Saginaw Road Sanford, MI 48657 (800) 397-3004 / (201) 818-1708

The KoolVest[TM], KoolJacket[TM], KoolPad[TM], and KoolBand[TM] all feature PCM (phase change material), a personal cooling system that reportedly maintains a comfortable 65[degrees] or 85[degrees] temperature depending on your body's physiological needs. After PCM, a semisolid therinal heat absorption material, tums solid, users can place it directly against the skin to cool the body. The material is said to actually absorb heat generated by the wearer. As the Koolpack absorbs heat, it changes from solid to liquid. The process can take several hours depending on environmental temperatures, workload, and individual physiology.

KoolPacks recharge when placed in ice water for 20 minutes or a refrigerator for 35 minutes. They can be left in a cool room below 64[degrees] for overnight recharging. Freezing is not necessary.

SteeleVest Body Core Cooling System

Steele Incorporated 26112 Iowa Avenue NE RO. Box 7304 Kingston, WA 98346 (360) 297-4555 / 297-2816 (fax)

The SteeleVest Body Cooling System is nonmechanical (no moving parts), reportedly easy to use, and requires no maintenance. Completely portable, it has no tether lines because it does not require an electrical, air, or water supply. All seams are double-needle stitched, and wearers may wash or dry clean the garment.

Constructed of layers of superlight built-in metalized insulation that reflect radiant heat outward and cooling inward toward the body core, the system is said to prolong cooling but still allow a slim, streamlined profile that does not encumber movement. Segmented, frozen gel Thermo-strips[TM] that allow wearers to bend, kneel, and squat without interference are evenly distributed on the torso for efficient cooling. This weight placement also permits coordinated body movement and balance. Thermo-strips are reportedly quick to load and easily "changed out." Fully loaded with frozen Thermo-strips (two in front, three in back), the Steelevest weighs five pounds.

Misty Mate[TM]

Cool By Design Sherly Wilson P. O. Box 333 Newcastle, CA 95658 (800) 92 7-2511 / (916) 663-4833 (fax) Misty Mate[TM], a personal portable air conditioner, is available in 2-, 5-, 7-, 15-, 40-, and 60-lb sizes. The 2-lb model reportedly Piovides approximately two hours of intermittent use. Misty Mate fills from a hose or sink but requires an adapter for sink filling. Water is forced through a stainless-steel mist nozzle, producing a micro-fine migt. Under the right conditions, the water evaporates, cooling the air by up to 25[degrees].

Other products available fr(nn Cool By Design include Cool Mate[TM], a 32-oz personal portable air conditioner; Micro Line Mist[TM], a flexible-niist-tubing system that clips to patio or lawn fumiture; Arctic Mist[TM], a 25-foot system for the patio or deck; Mistz[TM], a 6-oz hand-held nonaerosol spray bottle that creates an ultrafine mist; Cool Wand[TM], which converts any garden hose to a mist system; Standing Mister[TM], which attaches to the end of the garden hose; and Cool and Warm Collars", special water-retaining beads that absorb water and then cool you as the liquid evaporates.

The Body Cooler System

509 La Cresta Red Oak, Tx 75154 (214) 617-8039

The Body Cooler System is a mildew-resistant, urethane-coated, nylon vest connected by flexible tubes to a coolant compartment. The vest is secured to the user's torso with hook-and-loop straps.

Said to be easily mounted to the back of a motorized wheelchair, the coolant compartment is filled with 8-10 lb of crushed ice and a half gallon of water. The cool water is circulated through the vest by a low-amperage centrifugal pump powered by a 12-volt source.

The System is registered with the Food and Drug Administration and has been approved as a Class II medical device.

Swimming Pool Accessories


Excel Sports Science 450 West 5th Avenue Eugene, OR 97401 (800) 922-6544/

The AquaJogger Pro buoyancy belt provides additional flotation for people who have a hard time staying afloat or just need the additional confidence that more flotation provides. AquaJogger belts come in four models:

1 AquaJogger Classic (the original). Made of soft, comfortable, long-lasting foam, the Classic resists chlorine and bacteria and is contoured to fit snugly on the body. Stretchable, replaceable, quickrelease plastic straps keep the belt snug even while users exercise in water. The product comes with the Aquajogger Water Workout Handbook and 22-minute "Getting Started in Water Exercise Video." The Classic's retail price is $49.95.

2 AquaJogger Pro. The Pro offers the same benefits as the Classic but provides 30% more flotation for adults with lean, dense, muscular bodies (20-25% of the water-exercise population) or those requiring additional flotation for better support in shallow water. The product comes with the AquaJogger Water Workout Handbook and 22-minute "Getting Started in Water Exercise Video." The Classic's retail price is $59.95.

3 AquaJogger 100. The 100 features the same design and flotation as AquaJogger Classic, but the foam is firmer (and costs less). The product also includes a stretchal;le, replaceable, quick-release elastic strap. It comes with an Aquajogger Water Workout Handbook. The retail price is $29.95.

4 AquaJogger Jr. Custom-designed for kids, aged 4-14, this model provides the same benefits as the Classic, but is smaller in size. It is also available for children or small adults in the thicker Aquajogger Jr. Pro model (has same flotation as the Classic). Comes with a "wet pet" pool toy and Splash Club and a handguide, Water Games and Fitness Fun for Kids.

EZ Steps[TM]

Rhaco Advertising 549 West Market Street York, PA 17404 (717) 843-4334

EZ Steps are 4-tread, drop-in steps that fit various pool-wall heights in above-and inground swimming pools. Special edging, along the bottom and sides, guards against pool-bottom damage. A built-in concealed ballast container prevents the unit from floating." Side-panel grillwork allows water circulation behind the unit.

The steps are made from white structural polyethylene. The design allows the unit to be shipped in a carton, and assembly and installation are said to be easy. Two models are available with tread widths of 35". One offers an adjustable height of 46"-50" for above-ground pools, and the other has an adjustable range of 40"-43 1/2" for in-ground units. Two stainless-steel handrails and all hardware are included in the package.

EZ Steps are marketed by Quaker Plastic Corporation and sold through a national network of wholesale distributors. Contact any local pool dealer or builder for additional information.

Galaxy Aquatics Rehab Pool

Med-Fit Systems, Inc. 2759 Secret Lane Fallbrook, CA 92028 (800) 831- 7665 / (619) 723-5396 (fax)

The Galaxy Aquatics Rehab Pool, manufactured by Med-fit, is an all-tile custom unit that can accommodate existing or new construction. A four-step molding process reportedly allows unlimited size, depth, and configuration options. Pools can be installed in-ground, partially submerged, or above-ground.

Buyers can also order the Swim Gym, a current-generated device that facilitates stationary swimming and resistive exercise. Viewing windows, seated whirlpool areas, and other therapeutic options are available.

Movable Swimming Pool Floor

AFW Company of North America 1 Aquatic Center RO. Box 648 Cohoes, NY 12047 (518) 783-0038 / 783-0474 (fax)

AFW is reportedly the only movable swimming pool floor company in North America, with products in colleges and universities, rehab centers and hospitals, YMCAs and YWCAs, and private and public schools.

The movable floor is made of reinforced concrete and is raised by hydraulic lift cylinders. The floor converts the swimming area into an all-purpose room and allows any water depth just by the push of a button.

Pool Lift Model IGAT-180

Aquatic Access Inc. 41 7 Dorsey Way Louisville, KY40223 (800) 325-LIFTI (502) 425-5817 / 425-9607 (fax)

The Pool Lift Model IGAT-180 features a flip-up footrest and a seat that turns 180' over decks for side transfers. The model lifts 400 lb and mounts into a socket in the deck. Water from a garden hose provides the lifting power.

The adjustable-height seat travels 42 inches up and down; upper and lower controls offer independent operation from deck or water. With the seat fully down, this lift is just over five feet high and weighs 75 lb.

New pool-lift accessories from Aquatic Access include a flip-up outer arm, seat belts, and an adjustable-height headrest. Users can place seat belts at the chest and/or lap location. The adjustable headrest provides support on the sides and back of the head.

Transfer Tier

Triad Technologies, Inc. 219 Lamson Street Syracuse, NY 13206 (800) 729-7514 (315) 437-4089 / 437-1250 (fax) /

Triad's Transfer Tier offers independent pool access to people with disabilities. Users transfer from wheelchair to the ondeck unit, then lower themselves in a sitting position, tier by tier, until they reach the desired water level. To exit the pool, swimmer,s reverse the procedure.

The Transfer Tier is custom-trimmed to fit each pool. It is reportedly portable, economical, and requires no pool modifications. Constructed of fiberglass and stainless steel, it has no moving parts to corrode or rust.


Floating Swimwear

P.O. Box 30 Derby, KS 67037-0030 (800) 374-8111 (316) 524-0444 / 524-0411 (fax)

Floating Swimwear is a one-piece full bodysuit that's a safety flotation device and swimming aid for children. Providing comfort and mobility, the design is said to assist children with water activities. Manufactured with two layers of spandex, Floating Swimwear is sewn with Styrofoam[R] packets for flotation. It zips up the back with a safety-locking nylon zipper. The suggested retail price is $39.95.

Suits Me Swimwear

2377 Deltona Blvd Spring Hill, FL 34606 (352) 666-1485

Suits Me Swimwear is easy-on/easy-off, wraparound, tie-on swimwear for people who use hydrotherapy and pool therapy for rehabilitation. Available in a vatiety of colors and prints, machine-washable Suits Me Swimwear reportedly will not fade.

Wheelchair Accessories

The Weatherbreaker

Diestco Manufacturing Company P. O. Box 6504 Chico, CA 95927 (800) 795-2392 / (916) 893-2635

The Weatherbreaker is a collapsible wheelchair canopy designed to provide occupants with protection from the rain and direct sunlight. The product reportedly mounts to a vehicle in 15-20 minutes, slips on and off easily, and then stores in a stuff-sack that attaches to a wheelchair's armrest.

The Weatherbreaker comes in Cranberry Red, Charcoal Gray, Navy Blue, and Teal Green and is said to fit pediatric chairs and strollers up to approximately 16" wide and adult chairs and scooters 16-20" wide. Available options include side and/or rear windows, window covers (side and/or rear), second mounting kit, and fold-away model.

Totee[R] Specialty Bag

B & L Enterprises & Company 830 South Boulder Highway, Suite 135 Henderson, NV 89015 (702) 565-4812

Totee carriers allow users to keep everything at their fingertips--water bottles, cellular phones, note pads, and pens, tools, and medications. A hook-and-loop fastening system reportedly provides quick, secure mounting on wheelchairs, walkers, beds, and even belts. People with disabilities make the product. The price is $12.95, plus $3 shipping and handling.

For Fun on Land & Water

All-Terrain Vehicle

Recreatives Industries, Inc. 60 Depot Street Buffalo, NY 14206 (800) 255-2511 (716) 855-2226 / 855-1094 (fax)

The six-wheel-drive, arnphibious All Teffain Vehicle transports people into areas unreachable by conventional vehicles. Made for off-road exploration and usid by oil companies and construction firms, tbe two- or four-passenger vehicles are also appropriate for hunting and fishing. Reportedly capable of crossing water at up to six miles per hour and land at up to 25 mph, the vehicles measure 86 inches (two-passenger model)

and 96 inches (four-passenger) long. Prices for the vehicles start at $5,075.

All-Terrain Wheelchair

Neiman Racing 61526Alta Mura Drive Joshua Tree, CA 92252 (619) 366-8332

Designed for utility as well as for recreation, each All-teffain Wheelchair (ATW) is custom-built yet comparably priced to other power wheelchairs. The heavy-duty ATW has a four-wheel ATV base with a 125cc gasoline-driven engine. Other features include automatic transmission, electric steering and start, joystick-operated gas and brakes, a beefed-up full-back racing seat with power recliner, full-sized floorboards instead of footpegs, and a voice-activated radio that keeps the ri'der in direct contact with home base. All controls are located on the ar-mrests. The ATW reportedly gets more than 100 miles per gallon.

Chinook Disabled Capable Boat

Cheney Weeder Manufacturing, Inc. 1805 West 4th Avenue Spokane, WA 99204 (800) 541-5880 (509) 624-4333 / 624-9844 (fax)

The Chinook pontoon-type boat features 36"-wide gates, a fold-down ramp for dock loading, front pull-out ramps for beaching and wheelchair loading, a built-in base for a Hoyer Lift, and wheelchairheight captain's station with tilt steering.

Cheney Weeder's Chinook 824A has 8' beam 24' tength, twin outboard motor pods; rei-novable pedestal seats; storage uiider-lounge seats; closed cell polvurethane-filled aluminum pontoons of .090 5052 marine aluminum; folddown hard top; 1 1/2" heavy duty railing; and a reinforced nose cone.

Top End Wake Jammer

Top End bv Action 899 Cleveland Street Elyria, OH 44035 (800) 532-86771 (813) 522-8677 / 522-1007 (fax)

The Top End Wake Jammer water ski features an oversized, high-velocity ski board with removable stabilizing fins and an adjustable frame-positioning track to maximize plane. The footing system reportedly protects and provides functional security. The ski's other features include a custom frame, adjustable padded upholstery system, aqua socks, and a hook-and-loop fastener plate.

Aquatic Wheelchair

Mobility Assist, Inc. P.O. Box 10388 Brooksville, FL 34601 (904) 796-8362

The Aquatic Wheelchair provides roughterrain transportation as well as equal access and entry into water for wheelchair users. It is ideal for a wide range of special applications: swimmilig, fishing, canoeing, flotation therapy, beach lounging, water polo, stress management, and much more.

Features of the floating chair a molded catamaran kayak hull, deluxe kayak paddles, unbreakable attendant handles, integral life vest, adjustable seat back and comfort straps, mooring lines, mountain-bike tires, drink holders, U.S. Coast Guard personal flotation device, elastic tether cords, and a detachable legrest and beach bag.

Roleez Wheel Kits for Lounge Chairs

Roleez Wheel System[R] 5711A Sellger Drive Norfolk, VA 23502-5239 (800) 369-1390 (U.S./Canada) (804) 461-1122 / 461-0383 (fax) Roleez Wheel System, manufacturer of the Sport Wheeler and Fun Wheeler, now offers another alternative for beach access. The Roleez Wheel Kit attaches to most pool or other lounge chairs. Kits are available in two- or fourwheel styles.

In most instances, the two-wheel kit is sufficient for transporting people weighing up to 160 lb. A second option is to attach two of these kits, one at the front and the other under the seat area of the lounge chair (pictured). These are not designed for chairs with folding legs.

Roleez guarantees that the specially patented soft-plastic pneumatic wheels will travel easily over soft sand, mud, or pebbles.

Two-wheel kits cost $198, and fourwheel kits are $379, plus shipping and handling. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Louis "Lou" Watt uses a wheelchair because of an accident more than eight years ago. But that doesn't stop him from enjoying the summertime. Watt, from Mobile, Ala., has always loved the beach, and his friends decided that even though he's in a wheelchair, he should still be able to enjoy the surf. To get him into the action, Watt's friends pull him through the sand down to the water Watt is 6'3" and 190 lb, so this is no easy feat.

"I guess the hardest journeys have been to the beaches in Florida and Alabama," Watt says, "because the sand is soft and difficult to reach."

The North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, is Watt's favorite spot because the beach areas are more compact and easier to access. in some places he's even able to drive his van right onto the sand.

Watt says it's always a shock for people when they see him heading out for a swim in the ocean. And his beach bag wouldn't be complete without sunscreen, sunglasses, cap, bottled water, and a radio. He looks forward to weekends at Gulf Shores, Ala., and plans a return trip to Hawaii in 1997.

RELATED ARTICLE: Equal Beach Access

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) require equal access to all public facilities including parks and recreation areas. At present, wheelchairs usually get wet when people try to access water. Sand and water cause corrosion and damage to the chairs.

Ramps are often not an adequate alternative because they end in sand or water. The expense of constructing and maintaining these structures may be cost prohibitive and impractical for many public facilities and beach hotels. This means the wonderful world of water is usually off-limits to wheelchair users.

As one solution to this dilemma, Florida A & M University has introduced the Aquatic Wheelchair and the Equal Aquatic Access Program for the Mobility Impaired. The chair is also known as MARVEL: Mobile Aquatic Rehabilitation Vehicle for Exercise and Leisure. The device is state-of-the-art adaptive technology that offers an affordable and practical solution to the outdoor beach-access dilemma.

Florida A & M is offering state-certified safety-training seminars for national, state, and public parks personnel involved with outdoor recreation and equal access. Participants receive certification as aquatic-access specialists and beach-safety attendants.

The university is involved in this program not only to facilitate compliance with ADA and ABA law but also to begin the new era of outdoor aquatic freedom for people with mobility impairments.

For more information about the Equal Aquatic Access Program, contact William (Bill) Adams, ADA Coordinator, President's Office, Suite 401, Florida A M University, Tallahassee, FL 32307. (904) 599-8073. To learn more about the Aquatic Wheelchair, see the heading titled Fun on Land and Water' in "The
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