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The healing God.

Yahweh Rapah! This means that God is the healer. Many people who do not believe in Jesus Christ would go to a doctor first when they are sick. I would like to witness to God as the Healer, who cures all kinds of difficulties, illnesses of bodies and minds, problems of families and circumstances. I believe God is the only healer who can heal perfectly. The world is suffering with all kinds of illnesses, deformed by the development of a scientific civilization that has no care for the dignity of human beings their souls and spirits. This sick world needs a healer and I would like to witness that God is the healer.

Twelve years ago, the five fingers on my left hand were cut in an accident. Even the doctor did not show any confidence in the suturing operation. He did not tell me how many fingers I would get back after the operation. He did not indicate how long the recovery would take. Anyhow, I underwent the operation with much uncertainty. But God came to me and touched my wounded fingers when I was in the midst of despair and depression in the hospital bed. The power of the Holy Spirit forced me to tearfully repent. I prayed desperately to God to heal my cut fingers. My prayer was answered immensely. The operation turned out to he successful and I did not lose even one finger. All my fingers were attached to my hand, and the wounded fingers recovered in a month. I can still remember that one of the patients in the same hospital room asked the doctor how it could be possible for my fingers to be healed perfectly within a month. With a big smile, the doctor answered that this patient is supported by the healing power of God. This accident became the crucial moment in my life that my faith in God grew.

God as the healer came back to me when I visited the China Christian Churches as a representative of Korea Lutheran Women's Union with some other women representatives from the network of LWF/ WlCAS Desk from the North East Asian Lutheran Communion. I used to have low-blood pressure, but one day as we were visiting, it became more serious that I fainted. I could not lift up my head, or open my eyes, or digest food. I also had breathing difficulties. My friends prayed for me, and took me to a hospital which was run by a Korean doctor. Gradually the healing power of God came upon me and I realized I will be alright soon. Mysteriously at that time God gave me a vision in which there was an implication for a mission to China, while I was lying in the hospital bed.

When I think of my healing in China, I am aware of the plan and the providence of God, because God prepared a sister in advance who prayed for me. God gave me a dream to confirm God's plan and to confess my case. We all understood the meaning of my dream which I recalled in our farewell devotion. We affirmed with prayers to restore China and to heal the one hundred million wounded people. We made up our minds to pray for that Land. I prayed that God will use all of us in God's amazing plan and providence.

Because of the Healing, now I am serving God and participating in God's ministry. I offer my deep thanks to God for keeping me in good health. I believe that God will come back to heal me, when I get sick again. God our Heavenly Parent wants to restore the world as it was intended to be, and wants all human beings to he saved and be healed by the true Healer. I like to give all glory to God's blessings that made me confess to this through my humble lips.


Bethel Lutheran Church, Seoul Korea
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Title Annotation:Youn Yang Hee, Bethel Lutheran Church, Seoul Korea
Author:Hee, Youn Yang
Publication:Women Magazine
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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