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The hated wall will stay - but the council says it will sort out Piccadilly Gardens.

Absolutely astonishing the mess the council managed to make of this area.

Vinny Lunn It is the people who frequent the area who need sorting. The council can throw lots of money at it and can potentially make it look nicer but it is a small percentage of people who make it unsafe, dirty and threatening.

Janet Hiscock I'm ashamed of Piccadilly Gardens. Whenever we have friends visiting the city I keep them as far away from it as possible. It's a disgrace. Andrew M Bark Get rid of it once and for all, it's a disgrace.

Jean Wheeler-Roberts Piccadilly Gardens is an overall and absolute disgrace and a bad advert for the city!

Kim Shennan

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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Date:Mar 7, 2019
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