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The handbook of shotshell reloading.

The other new book on the subject is entitled The Handbook of Shotshell Reloading, published by SKR Industries, Inc., P.O. Box 1382, Dept. GA, San Angelo, TX 76902. The author is Kenneth Cougar, and the editor Richard Henderson, both of whom I've know personally and respected for many years.

This book, (same page size as the Lyman, and also in soft-cover) is some 250 pages long and organized in much the same manner as the Lyman manual. Both hulls and wads are illustrated in color, but with photos instead of artwork. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but, on the whole, I like the photographic treatment a little better. The coverage leaves out the Canadian products but includes the ACTIV 12 gauge component case, and the Lage Uniwad. Reference notes on the cases are excellent.

The loading data covers the same ground (excluding the slug and buck loads) for the same gauges. Obviously, I have not checked every single load through every other data source available, but most, if not all, of it seems to have been picked up from manufacturers' loading recommendations and similar sources. That is not a criticism, and this is not the first loading manual so assembled. Indeed, in one sense it's a service to combine data from so many authoritative sources into a single volume.

The equipment section is devoted exclusively to MEC gear (the publishers of this one make no loading products, either, and have no axe to grind), as are the bushing charts, etc. There are good sections on hunting ethics, conservation, gun care and cleaning, safety, and other topics, plus a good manufacturers directory. The book is very profusely illustrated. Price is $35, plus applicable taxes.

Every shotshell stuffer needs one or the other--and will benefit from both--of these books on his loading bench.
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Author:Wootters, John
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 1985
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