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The handbook of clinical linguistics.


The handbook of clinical linguistics.

Ed. by Martin J. Ball et al.

Blackwell Publishing


674 pages



Blackwell handbooks in linguistics; 24


Sixty-two leading clinical linguists and phoneticians from around the world contribute 38 chapters covering the main areas of research in the application of linguistic science to the study of communication disability in the clinical setting. The material is organized according to different areas of linguistics rather than to different types of communication disorder: discourse, pragmatics and sociolinguistics; syntax and semantics; and phonetics and phonology. The text includes discussion of a range of pathologies, both developmental and acquired, in each chapter, and commentary by individual authors on the actual or potential influence of their specialist areas on mainstream theories and descriptions of language. For students, instructors, researchers, and practitioners of speech- language pathology, linguistics, psychology, and education.

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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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