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The growth of fashion apparel industry.

The Growth of Fashion Apparel Industry

The Federal Minister, Malik Naeem Khan's directive for raising the exports of finished goods three-fold within a period of three and half years is highly commendable in principle and is one of the targets required for reducing the balanced of payment deficit in order to put the economy on a sound track.

There is no denying the fact that the exports of value-added products not only accelerate the rate of foreign exchange inflow but help strengthen the local industrial infrastructure also so that they could be able to compete in the world markets.

We export raw material to developed countries and then later import the same in the form of finished goods. This drains away our foreign exchange reserves on the one hand and on the other it perpetuates a steep rise in the cost of production and thus the price of the item. For instance, one kilogramme of raw cotton fetches Rs. 21, while the same quantum, in the finished form brings in Rs. 221, over ten times the original amount.

Keeping in view the facts stated by us it would be in the fitness of things to consider the role of Fashion Apparel Industry which is playing vital role for the uplift of our national economy.

The Cotton Fashion Apparel Industry or more specifically "ready made garments industry" mainly comprises of medium and small sized units, both in the organised as well as in the unorganized sectors. The industry catering both to the home as well as export market.

The phenomenal growth achieved by the readymade garment industry is thus a tribute to the relentless efforts of the garment manufacturers and exporters in capitalizing on the inherent and deep rooted abilities and skills of our master craftsmen and efficiently utilizing one of Pakistan's most possessive natural advantages-COTTON with value addition.

The industry not only earned the much needed foreign exchange but also, and more importantly gained prestige and respect for Pakistan in the international community.

In this connection the role and importance of this export oriented industry is summarised below: - major source of foreign exchange

earnings - provides highest value addition - provides employment opportunities - generates a high turnover rate - poses no environmental hazards - provides diversification with the textile

sector, and above all - supplements enhanced prestige and

respect for Pakistan in the international


However, keeping in view all the aspects and features of Apparel Industry as mentioned by us, our Association undertakes to offer intensified and continuous assistance to exporters, in order to secure better chances to gain a permanent foothold in the international markets all over the world, for this purpose a number of services has been combined into integrated promotion programmes particularly holding of Fashion Apparel Fair annually on regular basis. Thus with these sentiments we have decided to device an appropriate scheme for the promotion of Fashion Apparel Industry so as Pakistan's first ever Fashion Apparel Fair (FAF'81) was successfully organized by Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel Manufacturers & Exporters Association at Karachi Sheraton Hotel Karachi, consequent upon overwhelming success of this event, it became a regular feature of our country.

Hence by upholding the same spirit, image and reputation, the 5th "Fashion Apparel Fair (FAF'91) is being organised which will be held from September 7-9, 1991 at Karachi. Collections of apparel and hometextile made of cotton and blended fabrics for Spring and Summer 1992 from over 60 leading Pakistani manufacturers will be on display all under one roof.

Pakistani businessmen have long felt the need for proper international exposure of the progress and development made by our country in the manufacture of fashion apparel and other textile products. We need to increase value-added exports from Pakistan and an impressive fair such as FAF'91 will certainly help in showing the world that we supply high quality products.

FAF'91 will speak to the entire world for respective company and for their products. The large number of international buyers who are expected to visit FAF'91 will certainly go back impressed with the range of quality apparel made in Pakistan.

We hope that Fashion Apparel Fair will fulfil the aspiration of exhibitors who will display their product in a very impressive manner in term of quality and competitive prices.

In this connection we are pleased to reproduce below exhibit profile of FAF'91 which will cover the entire Apparel Industry. Apparel - Complete range of men's,

women's and children's apparel-both

woven and knitted. Fabrics - Cotton, silk, woollen fabrics.

Fabrics of synthetic fibres blended

fabrics. Hometextiles - Bed-line, towels, kitch

enwear, curtain etc. Accessories - Threads, buttons, zippers,

buckles, labels etc. Garment Machinery - Garment manufacturing

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