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The great grotto lotto; Santa and his helpers have flown in from the North Pole to take up residence in grottoes across South Wales. We sent families to check out if yule get value for money...

Libby Morgan, two-anda-half, mum Jessica Morgan, 31, and dad Kevin Morgan, 39, went for a special Santa tea at the Food Hall in John Lewis, Cardiff...

happened on the day? QWhat The children arrived and were served their tea which consisted of a sandwich, drink, crisps, yoghurt, chocolate bar and chocolate Santa lolly. There was a really friendly elf who gave out the food and a sticker to each child that said 'I've seen Santa at John Lewis' and kept the children entertained until Santa arrived.

Sales executive Marcus Sheppard took his three children Joshua, seven, Ellie, five, and Jacob, two, to see Santa Claus at the Millennium Stadium We had to wait for a bit and then we were called into a room where we were told what was going to happen.

The story was that Santa's diary was on tour somewhere, we had to look for it to givebacktoSantawhen we reached him. They took us into the stadium to find where Santa sits, his fuel stop, thepS layers' home changing room where there were some players' letters to Santa, through the players' tunnel down to the pitch where they had hay bags and carrots and a 'Beware of Reindeers' sign and a runway on the pitch for the sleigh to land.

The kids were taught the magic words to go and see Santa. (Mince pies repeated three times). They had to shout out and a hidden door opened to reveal Santa's grotto and the children went in to see Santa. He asked what the children wanted for Christmas and gave them either a teddy or rugby ball unwrapped.

Q What were the high points of the day for the children? The high point was meeting Santa and the hidden door, however they When he did, he walked across the food hall with a sack of toys over his shoulder waving at the children.

It was lovely evening He sat down and started to tell them a story about a little hedgehog. After the story, the children lined up and had a chat with Santa about what they'd like for Christmas before they were given their gift and excitedly tore off the wrapping paper.

together Q What were the high points of the day for the children? When we asked Libby what was the highlight of the day, she said: "Seeing Santa."

were the highlights for the adults? QWhat a really family I think the highlight for us was seeing Libby's face when Santa walked out and sat in the chair.

"out I don't think she could believe he was really there and was so close to her.

Q Was there anything that could be improved upon? Not really, it was a really lovely family evening out together. There wasn't a memento photo, but every parent had their own cameras to MILLENNIUM STADIUM did get a bit bored up until then.

were the highlights for the adults? QWhat The high point for me was the kids seeing Santa, they were speechless.

was the gift like? QWhat The gift was OK, I just think they could gone to the effort to wrap it.

Q How much did it cost? Was it value for money? It costs pounds 7.99 per child and pounds 9.99 for adults. I think it was fair, but as it's for kids adults should get in free..

Q Was there anything that could be improved upon? I think the tour could be made a bit more fun for children and maybe a few ho ho hos as they are walking around to get them excited.

you recommend it to other families? QWould I think they probably could just do a Santa's grotto without the tour and take a photo as not everyone takes cameras with them.

capture the moment of their children seeing Santa.

Q Would you recommend it to other families? I would recommend this event to others, as it takes the traditional visit to Santa that step further and really makes the children feel they have seen Santa, instead of queuing for hours to see him for a few seconds before having to make way for the next child. We'd definitely go back next year.

were the children's presents like? QWhat Every child had a cuddly toy and Libby's was a blackbird which looked like Jackdaw from one of her favourite cartoon's Sally Mali, so she was really pleased. When it's squeezed, it also sings.

Q How much did it cost? Was it value for money? The cost for tea with Santa was pounds 5 and it was value for money - the toy is of good quality plus the children had a jam packed lunch box as well.


Santa gives out rugby balls at the Millennium Stadium Children meet Father Christmas at the John Lewis store in Cardiff
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