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The great ex-capes adds beef to Ugo.

It seems like quite a while since the discounters were on the up. But 25 years? Perhaps not.

Still, nostalgia fans - as well as lovers of authentic British beef - will have been chuffed at the capture of Geoff Capes as the bearded face and bulging biceps of Haldanes' new venture, Ugo.

Despite the discounter tag, Haldanes clearly didn't go shopping in the celebrity bargain basement to bag its new star. They say Capes' physical prowess (in the 1970s and 1980s, albeit) represents "the strength of Ugo's deals" today.

Along with the return of the Tories, widespread strikes and the dominance in the hit parade of androgynous electro acts, the comeback of the towering Capes is just another reminder that we're effectively re-living the 1980s. Mind you, Capes is now as famous for being a top breeder of budgerigars - a bit like Mike Tyson and his love of pigeons, but without the facial tattoos, ear-biting and rape conviction.


Like putting King Kong on stage in New York, Haldanes has signed up the former caber tosser for the next two years. But he wasn't unleashed at last Friday's London press launch, robbing Blogof of the chance to meet one of its heroes. Boo!

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Date:Jan 29, 2011
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