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The great Escape; Cruise Ship ITV, 3.45pm.

IT'S all hands on deck for cruise line captain Stuart Horne as the Island Escape continues to suffer severe teething problems on its maiden voyage.

At his weekly Meet the Captain gathering, Stuart comes face to face with dozens of disgruntled guests, who've been plagued by problems in their cabins.

But there's a surprise for all 1500 passengers when captain Horne announces a 50 per cent refund on the cost of their holiday and a free cruise, which can be taken any time in the next 18 months.

It's music to the ears of passengers who've been affected and a bonus to many others who've had a trouble-free start to their trip.

Horne says: "What I have seen tonight has really cheered me up, I feel quite elated now.

"It's like there's been a fair amount of weight taken off my shoulders, because it was wearing me down."

But one person who's not too happy is Pop Idol Rik Waller. He has been booked to perform on board, but when he embarks he discovers no-one is expecting him.

With the ship at full capacity he ends up sleeping in a room for disabled passengers.

But Rik goes down a treat with the audience and later meets ship singer Penny Taylor who wants to know what it's like to be famous.

Away from the spotlight, Penny has decided to make a real effort to lose weight. She says: "I've got so close to being what I want to look like about twice now, and then I let it all go.

"I can't have wanted it bad enough - now I do.

"Something clicked inside my head and I'm on a mission."

Restaurant manager Ron Marks is furious when he discovers a specially organised American- style barbecue he planned has still not been ignited six hours later.

Faced with disaster he rolls his sleeves up and gets on with it.

And Ron will be even more angry when he's informed of captain Horne's criticism following an unannounced inspection of his Beachcomber restaurant and its kitchens, when he wasn't there.


BBC1, 10.15pm

SEROXAT is one of the world's biggest-selling anti-depressants - last year it was prescribed nearly five million times in Britain.

Worldwide sales earned manufacturers Glaxo SmithKline pounds 2billion, making it almost as popular as Prozac.

But there's a darker side to this happy pill. Glaxo insists the drug is not addictive - but thousands of people claim they're hooked and in Britain 800 people are now suing GSK.

Many are angry they were never warned it could be so difficult to stop taking Seroxat or that the side effects, when they tried to stop, could be so unpleasant.

Panorama films the desperate efforts of one woman as she tries to come off the drug over nine months and Shelley Jofre examines more disturbing claims that the drug for anxiety can provoke violence or suicide.

Dark Roots: The Anna Nicole Smith Story

Ch4, 9.00pm

BORN Vicky Lynn Hogan, busty American star Anna Nicole Smith had much more humble beginnings than the lavish lifestyle she lives today.

Vicky's life began in a dysfunctional white trash family in a dusty Texan town.

Determined to escape a life of poverty she moved to the city and reinvented herself as pneumatic blonde - Anna Nicole Smith.

But the height of her fame also signalled the start of her decline into drug dependency.

The jobs dried up, making her sudden marriage to geriatric oil billionaire J Howard Marshall II as timely as it was unlikely.

His death brought Anna Nicole further notoriety as the world's most famous gold-digger.

Friends and relatives reveal the melodrama of Anna's world.
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