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The good old days.

Rep. Robert Hull, a Grafton GOPer, has found an issue burning to be re-litigated in the General Court: allowing smoking in restaurants and other indoor places where it's been illegal to smoke for the last 10 years.

Essentially, RH's measure would allow the owners of places like restaurants, grocery stores, bars, taxis and buses decide for themselves whether they want to allow their patrons to smoke.

Rolling back the clock on a debate that ended a decade ago in NH, RH posed the question: "Should the state be deciding what people do inside of private establishments? They are public places, but they are owned by private people, and the owner of the property should decide what's going on."

To RM, "it's a property-rights issue."

Public health be damned.

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Title Annotation:FLOTSAM&JETSAM; smoking law
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Date:Jan 20, 2017
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