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The globe BBQ tour.

Our journey to the land Down Under began in Melbourne. It's summer there when it's winter in the United States, which meant it was hot as fuck. The Globe team riders on this trip consisted of Matt Mumford, Mark Appleyard, Chad Bartie, Jake Duncombe, Shane Cross, and Chris Haslam. What a crew--four Aussies and two Canadians. The cities that we hit were Melbourne, then up to Sydney, all the way over to Western Australia's Perth, and then back across to the wonderful Gold Coast, where the Globe Double Stack Cash Attack was taking place on the final weekend.

This is a new concrete bowl in Perth, built by the legendary Dorfus. Matt Mumford floats a nosegrab to fakie on the thin vert wall, knowing that after the session he's gonna have a few cold brews off the wood

OUR TOUR GUIDE and Australian Globe team manager was none other than Anthony Mapstone. To put it in Australian words, he's a funny cunt and he's off his fucking head! Anthony kept the crew going and laughing the whole time. And to top it off, he could skate just about any spot we went to. Good on ya, mate!

We spotted this ditch on the way heading to another spot outside of Sydney. On the way back it looked good. Chad Bartie can back tail just about anything that most people can't. He had a window of about 15 minutes before the rain started hitting, and sealed the deal

One of Melbourne's many concrete parks, it was the official warm up spot each day. Haslam brought the cheese, crackers, and a Grizzly Adams beard with him, and nailed the nollie bigspin backside noseblunt revert. To top it off, it was all in one motion--text book!

Last day in Melbourne before heading to Perth. Great idea to try and skate stop a spot--nice work trying. Jake frontside flips over the skate stopper poles in front of the set. How much did they spend? And they made the spot look better

What, a fat security guard? No way! He was claiming he was coming straight out of Compton. Shane, no stranger to handrails, second-try feeble as the rent a cop gave him one last try

Some of the crew were staying right across the street from the Melbourne museum, and this was a warm up spot. Actually, it was a hot spot, because the sun and heat were blazing there all day. Weiss was filming and pushing for someone to get a trick before we left.

Bartie stepped up with this switch 360 mullet whip

Western Australia's Perth is a crazy place. It feels like you're in the middle of the world, away from everything else, and you basically are. Straight out of the gates Jake Duncombe was ready to attack, and took the frontside slider across and down though the kinks

We kept hearing about this spot the whole time we were in Sydney, and the more we heard about it the more we were over it. On the last day we finally went there and while skating it some surfer kook in a taxi started running his mouth. Mumford was ready to get Chopper style on this loc, but the dude finally realized how deep our crew was running and shut his lips. Battles stomped this heelflip as if the dude's head was on his bolts

Barbecues and Australia go together like bread and butter. And where's there a better place to have one than next to a concrete bowl? Brett Margaritis can straight up kill it on the grill. While waiting for the steak and sausage to cook, Bartie served up a Smith grind with brew in hand

Janky spot in a ghetto neighborhood; when we rolled up there were some Aussie homies chillin' in the window, talking shit and drinking beers. After the crew started killing it they shut up. Appleyard went to town on this place, came up with a few bangers and handled this kicky back D. Shit was tight!

After seeing Danny Way's ramp, some locals in Melbourne wanted to get a piece of the action and rigged up a smaller version called the "Mini Mega." Built out of scrap wood, the hillside drop in with a 14-foot gap was actually well constructed. The crew took to this contraption padless and killed it. Haslam had a big stalefish, Duncombe had the benihanas (of course) and a huge kickflip. Mumford got the backside 360s, and Appleyard closed the session with this banging three-flip tailgrab

We drove about an hour and a half to skate this spot, and by the time we got there we only had about 45 minutes of light left. There are two different run ups here. After Haslam caught this switch flip and rolled away, Jake looked at the other approach and found that the metal grate you had to roll over was smoother on the other side. Go figure

AUSTRALIA IS ONE of those places that's on everybody's list who rides a skateboard, and that list should at some time or another have a check mark next to it. There are numerous concrete skateparks all over the place in public parks without fences around them, and plenty of street spots. This place will literally do your head in, as they say down there. Hot looking girls are a dime a dozen, and they're everywhere. And talk about a country that drinks! "When it's hot--we sip. And when it's not--we sip!" as the Aussies say. Yep, at any given moment you might hear Mumford rally, "C'mon, let's just go and have one off the wood," meaning have a cold brew off the bar. Always a great trip when there aren't any shop appearances, signings, or demos--and this was one of them. Between the heat, looking at girls, flying to and from each of the cities, tipping back some Cooper's Green, Aussie barbeques, and having a sweet time along the way, we ended up doing what we were there to do: skate and destroy.

Shane Cross, backside noseblunt. Any spot you took Shane to, he'd pull just about anything he wanted--and would follow it up by saying "Lets's go skate a big concrete bowl with vert!"
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