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The global nature of printing ink.

Red gets read. The fast-moving consumer goods business moves even faster, and multinationals rely on ink suppliers to get their message out quickly and effectively.

As a result, printing and the ink industry are also becoming more international. Packaging is the most obvious example. Global consumer goods companies want their brands to be consistent around the world. The ink industry plays a huge part in this messaging, as color is a major part of a product's identity.

Ink World's July/August 2017 issue has plenty to offer in terms of providing a global perspective. The issue features our annual International Top Companies Report, which begins on page 32, where we highlight the major global ink manufacturers, and look ahead to what is in store for the coming year.

The Asia-Pacific region is an increasingly critical part of the ink industry. Ink World estimates that the region is the largest producer of ink. In The Asia-Pacific Report, which begins on page 22, I talk with industry leaders from the area to learn the latest trends.

This issue also features our three columnists, all bringing news from their respective regions. European editor Sean Milmo discusses the evolving pigment industry in the EU. Much of the focus is on the changes in the titanium dioxide industry, which is facing consolidation, shortages and environmental concerns. All of this is impacting prices and availability.

In Africa, Shem Oriere, our African correspondent, writes about security inks growth in the East Africa region, driven by increasing needs for government documents and concerns over counterfeiting. Meanwhile, Vladislav Vorotnikov, our new Russian correspondent, talks about the gains being made by domestic ink producers, led by LLC Gangut Industrial and Trade Company.

Also, in this issue, Ink World presents its 19th annual Technical Profiles. With the greater interest in regulatory matters, ink suppliers are being asked to meet more stringent environmental requirements, which vary in the different regions. In turn, ink companies need to collaborate with their suppliers to ensure compliance. Technical Profiles provides a look at leading raw materials and equipment suppliers, and how they can partner with their ink customers meet these ever-increasing mandates.

David Savastano

Ink World Editor

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Title Annotation:editor's desk
Author:Savastano, David
Publication:Ink World
Date:Jul 1, 2017
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