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The girls signing to fight for country; Hudds pair join Army.


THEY are young but determined to do their bit for their country.

They may not be allowed to fight on the front line, but two young Huddersfield girls aim to provide vital support for British troops out on the battle field.

It's just a matter of weeks before Codie Wilson, from Deighton, and Natalie Audsley, from Kirkburton, will start their training in the British Army.

And the plucky girls are confident they'll be able to match up to the men.

Codie, 18, said: "Of course women can do things just as well as men - women can do lots of things men can't.

"Women are definitely better at multi-tasking."

Codie said she agreed that it was right thatwomen should not be permitted to fight on the front line.

Women remain barred from serving with the Submarine Service, the Royal Marine Commandos, the Household Cavalry, the Royal Armoured Corps, the infantry and the Royal Air Force Regiment.

Codie said: "Most women go out on the war zones to be medics and work further back from the front line.

"But we'll still be out there. I will be attached to a combat unit and supporting the troops."

Codie has enlisted into the Royal Logistics Corps and will train to be a chef.

She heads down to Surrey to start her training in two weeks.

Her boyfriend James Shaw, 23, from Deighton, is in the Coldstream Guards and was recently in Afghanistan.

Codie, a former Greenhead College pupil, said: "I decided to join the Army because I saw how much it had changed my boyfriend's life.

"He's a lot better person now and he doesn't mess about as much.

"He's got the security of the job with accommodation and good money."

Both Codie and Natalie will receive a "Golden Hello" of pounds 1,250 if they complete stage two of their training.

They visited Huddersfield Army Careers Information Office to pick up their certificates from Warrant Officer Class 2, Nick McConnell.

Former Shelley College pupil Natalie said: "I wasn't persuaded by the money but it is definitely a bonus."

She added: "I was at college and I didn't enjoy it at all and someone came in and did a massive talk about the army.

"I'm more of a hands-on kind of person and so I thought it might be forme so I went to the Army Careers Office."

In two weeks Natalie, 18, will start her training to become a driving communication specialist.

The teenager hasn't yet passed her driving test but will be trained up from scratch to drive HGVs and Wolf Land Rovers.

She said: "I'm excited to be there and to help out but there is part of it which is scary in a way.

"The scary thing is what you might see over there if you have to go out to war.

"But then again you would be happy that you're going to help out the troops and fight for your country."

Natalie said her mum Amanda, who works at Dawson and Hall clothes shop in Huddersfield, was really proud of her.

She joked: "She can't wait for me to go into the army, she's already started making plans to do out my room!"


ON THE MARCH: Natalie will learn to drive the tough Army Wolf Land Rovers (above) while Codie will train to become a chef with the Royal Logistics Corps (below) HERE COME THE GIRLS: Codie Wilson (left) and Natalie Audsley with "Golden Hellos" for enlisting with the British Army. Below: Warrant Officer Class 2 Nick McConnell
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jul 16, 2010
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