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The geopolitics of world population change.

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By Irving Louis Horowitz (Rutgers University)

Writing for the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Irving Louis Horowitz, the Hannah Arendt Professor Emeritus of Social and Political Science, maintains that a revived Fidel Castro has seized on the bio-fuels issue as a weapon to attack the United States and globalization, split the West, and form a new global alliance of totalitarian ideologues. Describing U.S. bio-fuels policy as "the internationalization of genocide," Castro misleadingly claims that all grains used for fuel injure the environment and inevitably deprive the poor of food. He then mixes corn, oil, and globalization, charging that Western efforts to reduce dependency on foreign oil by using bio-fuels such as ethanol will cause worldwide starvation.

On that foundation, Castro schemes to unify Latin America's totalitarian and ideological left and link it to Marxist extremists and such other enemies of the United States as Iran. Two facts may frustrate Castro's hopes: Greens have in the past embraced ethanol, and Brazilian President Lula da Silva of the authentic national social-democratic left has decided to cooperate with the United States rather than with Castro and Venezuela's General Hugo Chavez.

The worldwide controversy over globalization comes down to trying to reach equilibrium between achieving democracy and economic development and dealing with risks to the environment from energy and farm policies.

Reviewed by J. Edgar Williams
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Author:Williams, J. Edgar
Publication:American Diplomacy
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Date:Jul 31, 2007
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