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The gaydar: here's a taste of lesbians in pop culture this month. Who missed the mark and who was right on target?

Catherine Opie's show at the Guggenheim--we loved seeing her contemporary queer photos straddling the Cezanne landscapes.

Top Chefs Jamie Lauren tells After Ellen she gets hit on. A lot. By us.

Jennifer Kellogg's Kinky Cameo Collection Victorian-style pendants are neither prim nor proper.

Heiress Courtenay Semel (aka lesbian lover of the stars) is broke. Will she date us now?

Karen Williams' I Need a Snack! keeps us laughing.

Smooch jeans: Hot on models. On lesbian magazine editors, not so much.

Lady-lovin' Batwoman fills the knee-high boots of Gotham's caped crusader in DC's new series

Prop. 8 donors ask for anonymity. Do h8ers have rights?

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Date:May 1, 2009
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