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The garden of forking cliches. (Headlines).

The following list was compiled by Robert Lane Greene, an editor at

"Cry for Argentina," The Times Higher Education Supplement

"We Won't Cry for You Argentina. Anyway, It Looks Like You're Making a Pretty Good Job of It Yourselves," Daily Mail

"Now It Is Your Turn to Cry, Argentina," The Express

"Don't Cry for Yourself, Argentina," Agence France Presse

"Do Cry for Argentina, Say Exiles in Atlanta," Atlanta Journal and Constitution

"Italian Bankers Cry for Argentina," Business News Americas

"Don't Cry for Argentina: The Nation's Economy Is Weak, but Its Soccer Team Is as Rich as Ever," Ottawa Citizen

"Do Cry for Them, the Argentine People," Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Insurers Won't Cry for Argentina--Yet," BestWire

"Don't Cry for Free Lunch, Argentina," Tampa Tribune

"Don't Cry for Me, Argentina. Just My Houseboat," Hamilton Spectator

"Don't Cry Argentina--a Victim of Globalisation," Statesman

"Cry for Argentina: Viva Peron! and All That," Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"Crying with Argentina," New York Times

"Time to Cry for Argentina?" Time

"Cry for Argentina, Not for Its Politicians," Financial Times

"Don't Cry for Argentina: The Country's Catastrophic Economic Woes Were Largely Self-Inflicted," Halifax Daily News

"Market Doesn't Cry for Argentina," Seattle Times

"Crying for Argentina International Community Can Ensure Stability," Herald

"Don't Cry for the Peso-Dollar Peg, Argentina," Independent

"Do Cry for Them, Argentina: Peso, Debt, IMF Add to Woes," Investor's Business Daily

"Middle Classes Cry for Argentina As Economy Unravels," The Observer

"U.S. Refuses to Cry for Debt-Laden Argentina," Daily Mail

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Title Annotation:use of the cliches in recent headlines about Argentina
Author:Greene, Robert Lane
Publication:Harper's Magazine
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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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