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The games that time forgot.

CONKERS isn't the only pastime to be disappearing from our playgrounds.

Remember hula-hoop? Marbles? Even running games like ``tig'' and ``British Bulldog'' are being lost to a whole generation of kids.

Last year, the Children's Society called for an audit of every school in Britain to find out the true extent of bans and restrictions on traditional playground games.

Their spokesman said: ``Local authorities are so frightened of being sued that they have taken the fun out of playing. When I was at school, you were told not to run if you held a pair of scissors. Now, some of today's kids being told not to run at all.

``When was the last time you passed a school and the kids were doing handstands against a wall?

``Skint knees and bruises are part of a child's learning curve. They quickly learn what they can and can't do without hurting themselves. We are bringing up a generation of children wrapped in cotton wool.''
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 26, 2003
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