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The gaiety of form.


How sweet to weight the line with all these vowels! Body, Thomas, the codfish's psalm. The gaiety Of form lies in the labor of its playfulness. The chosen vowel reappears like the evening star Daily in the solemn return the astronomers love. When "ahm" returns three times, then it becomes A note; then the whole stanza turns to music. It comforts us, says: "I am here, be calm."


"In the sad heat of noon the pheasant chicks Spread their new wings in the moon dust." When we choose so, the vowel has its own husband And children, its nooks and garden and kitchens. The smoking table gives plebian sweets Never equalled by the chocolates French diners Eat at evening, and gives us pleasures abundant As Turkish pears picked in the garden in August.
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Author:Bly, Robert
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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