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Troubleshooting your M1A1 AIM tank is getting easier all the time. With the introduction of embedded diagnostics (ED), your tank has an on-board history and malfunction identifier that can recognize faults on the tank in real-time.

By using the maintenance support device (MSD), you can connect to the tank and run a full diagnostic (FD) scan to aid in diagnosing the tank's symptoms. Soon, ED will be accessible wirelessly via a laptop, so mechanics won't have to be on the tank to troubleshoot.

If you need more info, download it from the tank's ED memory and upload it to PM Combat Systems' new web site:

Once received, the ED information is diagnosed by an engineer and the results quickly returned to you. It's like having a team of experts right at your side!


* Diagnostic systems. This link illustrates the major Direct Support Electrical System Test Set (DSESTS) components needed to run diagnostics on line replaceable units (LRU) for the M1, M1A1, M1A2SEP, M2A2/M3A2 ODS and A3 Bradleys, M6 Linebacker, M7 BFIST, and M104 Wolverine.

* Training. This link covers the functional description, exterior, interior, DSESTS cable connections and test program set that the DSESTS test systematically runs for each LRU. DSESTS components are covered the same way. You'll also find info on soldering, use of the Daniels kit, and instructions covering the DSESTS van.

* Data logging. This link allows you to upload data from either DSESTS data logger or the history from an ED tank. You can also review submitted tests from other users listed by LRU and site submitted. ED history or test results can be sent through the link labeled File Upload.

* Install instructions. This link covers new and updated software that you can install on your equipment.

* Manuals/bulletins. This link covers maintenance advisory messages, TMs and TBs. In the future, this link will accommodate new part numbers and NSNs that have not made the cutoff for TM printing.

* Links. This link allows you to search other web sites of interest.
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